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As warmer weather is coming to us, something also is coming, a lot of little insects. Flies are first that came and other are still coming. I managed to photograph two insects few moments ago. On first photo I don't know the name of it but second is what we can see every day, fly.

CameraLensShutter speedF-stopISO
Canon 600DMakinon 28mm1/200 sec.f/8400

It was tough to capture them, because they were moving really fast and I had to get really close to them so it was waiting game for everyone. There is no additional equipment I used for this, only camera and reversed lens.


CameraLensShutter speedF-stopISO
Canon 600DMakinon 28mm1/125 sec.f/8100

You can see that my lens is pretty dirty, but inside so I don't want to open that lens and clean glass. For my hobby as a photographer, I don't need clean macro photo, I will not sell these photos because they wouldn't be accepted. I need to find some other lens, some prime 55mm that will be great for reversing it and additional to that I will buy macro extension tubes to get even more closer and get huge magnifications.

But for now, every macro photo will be taken with this lens because it gives sharp results.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a nice day! :)

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