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Today I will introduce you to higher magnification than previous posts. I took some other lens for this, I think it's even cheaper that the Makinon that I used for last two posts. It's called Sigma 28-70 with same 52mm filter thread that is perfect for what I have so I can reverse it. Only thing for this lens is that is broken, so I had to tear it apart to change aperture and then take everything back as it should be.
Look at that magnification and sharpness, it's surreal what this lens can do. I remember that I bought this lens for 1000 dinar, which is around 10$.

CameraLensShutter speedF-stopISO
Canon 600DSigma 28-70mm1/200 sec.f/8200

Same here, details that you get from this lens are out of this world. You can see every single eye, or whatever it is.


CameraLensShutter speedF-stopISO
Canon 600DSigma 28-70mm1/200 sec.f/8200

As you can see, by the setting that I used, I used really small ISO because I had external flash that I was holding with other hand and placed where was the best for lighting. I think it came really nice, it doesn't look like it's direct light beam, it more looks like diffused light source with nice contrast.


CameraLensShutter speedF-stopISO
Canon 600DSigma 28-70mm1/200 sec.f/8200

You can see on this photo how close I was to this dandelion and how detailed are every single petals from it. Under this photo are two photos that was taken with Makinon lens, you can see difference in magnification.


CameraLensShutter speedF-stopISO
Canon 600DSigma 28-70mm1/200 sec.f/8200

Sometimes great magnification can be difficult to photograph so I need to use some other lens to show much more, for these kind of shots I can use Makinon lens or even Sigma but with different focal length.


CameraLensShutter speedF-stopISO
Canon 600DMakinon 281/400 sec.f/11200

Before, when I didn't had external flash and trigger, these kind of shots couldn't happen, with low ISO and great sharpness and contrast. Now it's different story, challenge is same but results are way better.


CameraLensShutter speedF-stopISO
Canon 600DMakinon 281/400 sec.f/11100

I hope you enjoyed. Have a nice rest of the day! :)

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Thank you. :)

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The spider and the drop of water on the leaf seem amazing :)

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Thank you very much, I'm glad that you liked it. :)

Insects zoomed in look like beings of another world.

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I totally agree with you.

Awesome shots!


Thank you very much. :)

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Спектакл, @miroslavrc. Пошаљи једну фотографију саме скаламерије — апарат са реверзно монтираним објективом и спољним флешом, чисто да се види све :)


Hvala @lighteye! Sad ću napraviti jedan video pa će tu biti objašnjeno sve. :)