Traditional Japanese Dance!

in ocd-resteem •  10 months ago

Heyoo Internet World!

Last post of 2017!

Had so much fun producing this video with my Step Dad's wife while I was in Kyoto Japan!!

Enjoy my favorite shots here :)

Happy New Year Steemians!


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Beautiful video posted by @gaber. Upvoted, thanx for sharing this with us.

If you don't mind checking out my blog for latest posts @kingjan. Thank you.


Thanks for your post!
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Beautiful. Reminds me of Baraka. ❤️


i LOVE that movie. such an awesome compliment. thank you!!

It's so slow but Lovely!!! I like it :)

Wow I love this! Such an amazing culture over there full of traditions


appreciate this joey!!

This is very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

So beautiful brother.. thank you for sharing


appreciate you sean!! :)

Nice fantastic post Happy 2018 Contribution comment#

such a fantastic post for me i love all what has something to do with the wonderful japan. happy new year

The video is very good, but I did not catch the point after the dancer folded the fan and kept it, then started again with a new video featuring dancers with different clothes.but after all ,i like it all


just a series of my favorite shots, the full dances are in the description of the video :)

Oh, this is so beautiful! Making me miss Japan so much :) Love this and the blog you have going


thank you thank you @eatworthy! so happy you are enjoying them :)

This is magic

Nice post! I follow you! =)


thanks gleb :) :) :)

Wow. Every day you get better at your craft brother. Keep it up and a happy planetary orbit day!


thanks so much brother jake!!!

This is mesmerising. Beautiful work!

well said! I upvoted and follow you!

Nice and beautiful post. I like this

beatutiful post, i like it.
hopefully, one day i can go to japan

Very nice video.

Nice video👍🏻 thank you🤗

Happy New Year ^O^


happy new year!!! @syjk96

It sounds like an awesome dance. I can't wait to fly there on my next vacation


yes japan will change your life!

Thanks for your post!
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Japanese culture is so fascinating. Love it. Also good shots. : )


thanks brother jannes! @janneszilling

Hai gaber. I want to share about saman dance from Gayo.
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