12 Days in Japan with a Drone! :)

in ocd-resteem •  7 months ago

hey steemians!

Happiest of New Years!! hope everyone is bringing in 2018 strong! 🙌

Just wanted to share my first video of the year -

all my favorite drone shots from my Japan trip compiled into one video!

ENJOY in 4k!!

Love love!

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Have you eat dolphin in Japan? They are very tasty! I love to eat dolphin meat. They are the most popular and tasty food in Japan.


no! whale is popular too! im veggie most of the year ;)

Amazing drone shooting skills. Please do post more of your drone shots!!

Nice shots, you're pretty good at the rotating pans.


I agree! I would be lost trying to create this lol


yes!, I also wonder @gaber what you experiences are in flying drones. do you sometimes run into problems because you are not allowed to use the drone in certain places?


Thanks for your post!
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Great photography, editing, and music. Cheers!


thank you!!!!

omg, that's so nice, I appreciate the video! One of my dreams is to visit Japan. Thank you for the virtual visit!

Olivia D.


@melleolivia you must go! it will change your life!

happy new year and enjoyed this video



@gaber happy new year
I love Japan beautiful peoples.


i agree! i love the people there so much!


and also helpful peoples, thanks @gaber

happy new year! great video


thanks tony! happy new year!

enjoy the video very much

Really lovely video. The color grading is great too!

Great looking footage and nicely edited!

For me the most beautiful areas was snow scene.


definitely one my favorite drone shots too :)

Only if i could appear at the spot i would, you drone photograph is so nice and enjoyable as if i was on transit with you.

Nice post! I follow you! =)

This is awesome! Great photography! I've always wanted to visit Japan.

very meditation relaxing video

awesome flying and editing skills! thinking about getting a recording quadcopter, would you recomend phantom style or go for mavic? Other brands?

Thanks for sharing! Happy flying!

Fabulous video! I'm resteeming it. That's one of the best cameras I've seen on a drone.

very nice shoots, i love the citygrid ones with snow. did you just fly everywhere or had to get permissions first ?

The most beautiful places are the ones in nature.....

hello, my country is very beautiful too but what you have showed about Japan is really great..Nice Video..

Makes me nostalgic about my time in Japan. Great work

happy new year! very smooth and beautiful video, I like it. Upvote

Very inspiring and provocative, to me it lends way to a finer perspective. Mahalo and Aloha, Phil

Beautiful shots and great music choice! I especially love the ending clip, going through the mist and fading out. Nice work! It's been a dream for me to visit Japan since I was young and I hope to make it come true soon!

Awesome video!

These shots are amazing! Looking forward to seeing more. (:


more coming!! :) :) :)

These are insanely gorgeous, thanks for sharing! Beautiful edit and music too. <3


thank you jill!!

This place is my dream destination. Thank you for sharing your amazing video. :)

Haha "Love love! -Gabe" I like that style. The video is awesome too and I love the top view very much.

Beautiful scene

Very impressive footage! Would love to take our drone out in Vienna some more but I'm half-convinced they'd shoot it down these days :P

Really wanna visit Japan after this!


go for it! drone while you can ;P

great shots , enjoyed this video

Beautiful! Nice shots and hope to see more.

Perfect in everything! Up vote!

wow, so amazing.. great trip and video.

Is it a 4 pro or just a


p4pro :)

All great video@gaber56. i like the last part with fog faded.thanks for sharing.

Wow looking great! Did you control all movements manually or did you make use of some kind of presets? Keep up the good work!

happy new year and hope you enjy being in the land of the samoray




the land of samurai


enjoyed it so much!


I did too

Fuckin nice🤘🏻!!!

Incredible Video! Thanks Japan 🇯🇵 Is definitely on my bucket list BIG TIME. Hey were you any where near Fukushima? That disaster truly worries me.


just kyoto and tokyo! i wasnt close to fukushima

Great video!

wooow ! very nice !

wooooooooooooooooooow incredible! check out my travel posts too ;)

Wow!! How I wish I could go to Japan.

Wow i love that video. Great shootings. Definitely following for more posts like that

Lovely stuff dude! Music slightly on the softcore porn side but lovely drone footage =)


softcore porn music 😂😂😂😂😂

Wow stunning... Wished I have the skills in handling drones hahaha... Beautiful country. May I ask what equipment did you use do to this 4K video?


phantom 4 pro :) edited with adobe premiere pro!

Wow, I think everyone wants to Go to Japan after These Great shots, me Too;)

what a lovely country, its just like in the movie, wonderfull
nice shot @gaber :)
very satisfying

Awesome! I'm also in Japan, these were great shots.

Beautifully edited video of a beautiful country. Excellent drone control videography.


thanks @acdevan ! I'd like to thank my mother for letting me play so much video games when i was younger, all that hand eye coordination transferred over to drone flying! :P

Love the drone shots! I have a mavic pro and love taking some epic travel videos with it. Just curious, I noticed you posted it using YouTube vs dtube. Is there a reason you chose YouTube instead of steemit’s dtube? My first video on dtube has some of my aerial shots and I posted it on dtube. However, it seems like on some browsers, I cannot view it. Is that one reason you chose to post it in YouTube?


i love the mavic @isharmaine ! i prefer posting youtube because dtube is SO SLOW and is pretty low quality. youtube has much better servers and runs smoother on mobile :)

This is BEYOND! resteemed

Man this is perfect. I enjoyed this video. @gaber

i Love Japan so much!!! i wish can travel again to Japan with Steem

Japan is so beautiful I hope to visit in the near future with my girl. Great shots man!!

that was lovely @gaber! Is drone filming allowed in Japan? Where I live in Dubai you need special permits to fly them...
@thewhyguy maybe we should get one before we go this spring??

Wow, there is so many beautiful and amazing places around the world! My dream is Japan visiting. Great shoots! For how many minutes can it fly?


and followed ;)


thank you thank you!!! the phantom 4 pro has about 30 min flight times :)

Beautiful! I hope to travel the world one day. Ireland is on my bucket list.

This is literally the first thing I have seen on Steemit! I am going to share it because I am a Tech talk show host/contributor and Love drone photos! This gorgeous! One day I will be in Japan. I want to ride the Maglev train! Thank you for sharing and Happy New Year - from Atlanta Georgia, USA!


wow! honored to be the first piece of content youve seen on steemit!! :):):)

thank you for sharing it @cairoqween !


wow! honored to be the first piece of content youve seen on steemit!! :):):)

thank you for sharing it @cairoqween !

I love your drone!

Thanks for your post!
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Loved the drone shots and good pairing with the music.

Looking forward to the next one!

wooow nice shots, good job! followed

Japan is such an exciting country, with so many different places. Love this shots. Your videos are so good.

This drone shots are amazing :D

Stunning! Would love to go to Japan...

Stunning. Are there no laws against using the drone? or did you pull permits? ....or did you just risk it.....

Dude, why u use youtube?!?! :D

Use d.tube ♥

Very nice drone footage and I like the flow of the edit as well as the music selection, goes well together.

wow fantastic shots! please keep them coming

Wow! Awesome vid! I love Japan. I grew up watching animes so visiting Japan is on my bucket list. Thanks for this vid. Made me more excited.

Hello! All the footage are really awesome! My jaw was about to fall all the way to the end! Great work!
The only disturbing thing for me in your video was that scenes are changing really suddenly. Just my personal opinion, if you used a bit of fading transition in between, at least a few times, It would have been much more easier to watch.
Anyways, thanks for showing us so much beauty from a faraway land!


thank you!! i had other feedback telling me the cuts were a little harsh, i will keep that in mind on the next edit :) @khadniimangaa

Wow, how cool is this! Dreaming about Japan even more! :)