Mark Passio | New Episodes Of What On Earth Is Happening CAN NOT Be Broadcast - HERE'S WHY!

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What on Earth is Happening with Mark Passio

@PatrickALeach and Carmen Carangi (@chickencaam) have been highly involved and working with Mark Passio (@mpassio) over the past couple of weeks.

The @stateofanarchy has joined forces with Mark in an effort to aid him in the bringing of his latest projects into manifestation. Mark has been prepared to begin continuing his work in an even bigger and more engaging format with a Weekly Live Video Cast of What on Earth is Happening.

His aim is to pick up right where the WOEIH Podcast left off, and he explicitly states that he already has at least 5 years worth of content ready to go, waiting to be delivered! But he needs our assistance!

"Without receiving a little bit more assistance in-house, the show is gonna be on hold indefinitely, and I'm not gonna be able to go live with it right now, as it stands" - Mark (@mpassio)

We also talk Mark's Massive Content Exodus to Steemit, The Super Exciting SteemFest in Kraków, Poland (Nov 7th to Nov 11th, 2018), which all three members of TSOA will be attending this November. Mark has expressed his vehement disinterest in traveling by plane so @PatrickALeach, @chickencaam, @sonnymazzone, and @mpassio might be traveling there by Land and Sea!!!


We also got the inside scoop on The Fallout between Mark and @Anarchapulco, as well as a potential resolution and a burying of the hatchet between @mpassio and @JeffBerwick.

I (@chickencaam) personally feel like that would be the most enlightened, and compassionate thing that both of them could do for the Freedom Community as well as Humanity at Large! I agree with @mpassio when he states in the video-

"I'm very open-minded to resolving this conflict, because I don't hold grudges at all. The last thing I wanna do is hold grudges when we're already too divided. We need to be on the same page working together to achieve a true @stateofanarchy" - Mark (@mpassio)


We here at TSOA couldn't agree more!

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Great to see that Mark might come to Steemfest and that he and Jeff can get together again. I learned much from both of them.


It’s really about the message anyway, right? The community and those who are still sleeping is what the focus should be.

upvoted and resteemed! Once again, if lived in Phillie, I would be there. I will, however, make a piece of magickal artwork to bring in the necessary crew. That's what I can do from Denver.


We would love to see it when it's ready man, Thank You for your creative contribution! :-)

Why isn't Mark Passio here on Steemit?


He is! His handle is @mpassio , we are helping him move his content over to Steemit!


Cool! I'm following him. Glad he made it.


As are us all. One Love Man!

I really have no idea what happened or why he was so upset. I was in Somalia for a few days without internet access and apparently he was angry I didn't get back to him faster. Happy to make amends, I love Mark.


I'm not really sure but in this video he states that his audio did not record and he needs the audio files from the organizers


Hey Jeff (@dollarvigilante) , yeah it seems to me like it was a simple communication snafu, Mark mentioned being open to a resolution, and I personally would love it if Anarchapulco invited him again this year! I know I'm not the only one either!

I already have my ticket for this year and will personally record ANYONE'S Audio for them free of charge! lol!