Jeremy Crow's Luciferian Videos Banned by YouTube

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Yes, the massive censorship on YouTube has hit me too. About a month ago several of my videos were "shadow banned" by YouTube/Google. If you aren't aware, this is something that has affected an insane number of YouTubers. This form of censorship doesn't outright remove the video from the platform, but greatly diminishes it's possible viewership and eliminates any potential revenue earned from it. A shadow banned video will never show up in search results, the trending page or related video suggestions. Often it won't even serve up the video to people subscribed to the channel! The primary ways you can find a shadow banned video is by having the direct link or by browsing the uploaded videos on a specific channel. In addition, these videos are excluded from the advertising revenue share. In other words, you're going to get way less views and will earn no money off the video.

Why does a video get shadow banned on YouTube?

That's a good question! The official stance from YouTube/Google is that these videos are unsuitable for all advertisers. In practice, this generally means videos that include politics, unpopular religions, swear words and with unattractive/disheveled people. Yes, I'm serious. With this in mind, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the videos that I have uploaded which YouTube/Google has determined are unsuitable for advertisers.

My Banned Videos

Edward O'Toole Explains The Difference Between Satan and Lucifer

Why I Am A Luciferian

Gnosticism and Luciferianism

Religious Tolerance of Satanists

Jim Carrey Has Transcended His Own Personality

P.S. This video was shadow banned when it was first uploaded but that ban has since been lifted.

Notice A Common Thread?

What do you think? Is there a common thread between these videos? While I look a bit shabby in one of the videos, the reason for the shadow ban seems to be the presence of the words "Satan" or "Lucifer" or their derivations in the title. The main exception is the pop culture commentary one, which was only shadow banned for a couple days.

With this in mind, if you think this is unjust, or even just stupid, I encourage you to watch my videos on Vidme instead:

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