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Nice post

Ceative work...@ubg

Haha nice post indeed, i like number 5 also the most.. Pretty bad ass that kid like that xD

Excellent gifki, but I like the new logo and color.

excellent gif!

Fantastic gifs love no 2

hilarious one :)

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Seriously, great gifs ....I love what you did!

I like this very interesting

Cute gif thanks @ubg

haha. I will save these for later


Pretty creative out there liked it buddy :)

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I like number 5, little boy smoking........... making our power up

Very imaginative and funny @ubg

very cool ^^

Aww too cute! I love it.

No. 3
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I like gif 2..

Super these little thieves. I liked them.

Great job... up voted

These are so funny...loved the monkey gif, lol.

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Very creative

I like number one

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Fantastic gifs.

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Hahahaha, very funny

nice use of the raccoon one, that video always gets me,lol

So funny and cute

Very creative. The last one slayed me. Good job.

Nice to see


3rd one cracks me up

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283 votes and 70 comments... great @ubg :)

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Great stuff! Why did you stop posting?!

Don't be lazy! You are really talented! I could never achieve your level for years!


Nice post following you.

You are creative ...I have followed you and upvoted your post...thank you ;)

I noticed your 1% I wasn't really looking for upvotes... I would have preferred a comment instead... But what's the point of an upvote if it doesn't even add up to a penny...???

like that gif

very interesting..

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very nice animation