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Heh, awesome handy work, they all look great! :)

Awesome work!!! so funny =)

go up vote for @ubg !!!! it's totally undervalued men's and it's so funny, give him some motivation,

Me i want to see more of your post!

Is this thing on?

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nailed them instantly ! xD


thank you for upvoting my intro post!highly appreciated

My man, ubg . . . bringin' the heat again!

These are FIRE!!! wish I knew about these earlier...

That duck be havin' himself lots-o upvotes to run from, dat for sure. Mhm.

What the hell is "oc"?

우와~ 멋지네요. good~~

I love your work! Please do more.

Hi @ubg great post !!
I need this power 😂