Last day of Fall....

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Hello everyone, Hope you are having a good time ...

The last few days was amazing as well as tiring. I had to go out for roaming around plus still now I am giving time to my family. Only few more days left, I am not active on steem because I can't manage time for writing a post... LOLL... But, yea I have managed to make videos, still, lots of videos are ready for the edit but I am lazy...

Today is -3 degree and it's cold outside but still, lots of places pending to visit and in cold weather it's hard to move around. Right now, I just grab a coffee cup and making a whole day schedule...

But I am going to share some pictures of the last day of Fall because today is Halloween and last day of Fall, I think...


This time I have managed to capture some of my pictures because normally I have to find someone to capture a picture of me. I was sure that this time I won't be able to capture mine but I managed... My dad and sister captured some of my pictures so I am happy that I have some pictures this fall.




I am very happy how these pictures turned out... LOLLL... Though my hair was not perfect but whatever...

Now I am going to share some of my captures...



These are the last pictures I have captured in this Fall because now there are no leaves. I guess the last leaf already fell apart.

“It looked like the world was covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon.”
― Sarah Addison Allen, First Frost



From the park, I have captured these two pictures. I wonder, is it time for clove plant?? Are they evergreen?? because they looked healthy.. I am a little bit exhausted because I have to finish some document related work also which I hate most.




I have taken these pictures before 1 week. This week this place is not like that, it's gloomy now plus windy cold. But my dad is enjoying this weather a lot because basically Bangladesh is a monsoon weather country.


I love these daisies a lot... Color is so flawless...




I won't make this post longer because I need time to write a great post and right now I don't have time for writing a post but don't worry more great posts are on their way...




I am @priyanarc.... An architect, a dreamer and a passionate writer who loves to write about life. I try to present my own perspective and experiences. Please leave your feedback and criticism because it's the only way I can know and reach your mind and thought easily...

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Thank you so much...Thanks to @bdcommunity for always supporting me. Also, I am thankful towards @welcomewagon for giving me the opportunity to develop myself and for generous support from all members...thank you @nathanmars for enormous support. Thank you @onelovedtube, @DIYTube, and @helpie ...

Thank you @sergiomendes for this amazing GIF.... If you want your GIF also you can contact with him...

Also wanna Thank @singhcapital for support and contribution. He is contributing a lot to steem blockchain and supporting lots of steemians. He is here with a massive project and spreading words about crypto among people. If you want to be part of his journey, all you have to do follow @Thejohalfiles .

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The daisy looks amazing, it's an all beautiful snap if you ask me. The picture taken by the window side is great too

Ya they were beautiful... @josediccus.. Thanks dear...

What a amazing environment with excellent photography.

Thanks, brother... Really great weather...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Beautiful nature.

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Thanks bro...

You are looking so beautiful sister.

Thanks brother...

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These are some great photographs. I always love the change into a new season but this year October was not your typical Fall month. We had 3 snow storms and temperatures as low as - 13 degrees. One of the snowstorms was at the end of September. I have never seen this type of weather in the 37 years I have lived here.

It did not give us the chance to enjoy the full beauty of Fall. You have captured and shared that and it is great to share a beautiful time of the year.

Weather is drastically changing because of global warming, still no snow here but it's cold now. I am hoping for snow in upcoming week.

But to be honest I enjoyed fall a lot plus bonus enjoyed it with family.. Thanks @r2cornell for stopping by..

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I love the Fall, but I hate the winter!!!

Hehehe,,, I wonder why people love winter.. Some people love it so much.. Thanks for stopping by @old-guy-photos...

Hoise hoise 👀 besh hoise

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