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Two videos included here, one of the flood and one of a squirrel in the rain that form a part of this post. The first photo above is of a wet baby Robin!

We saw a strange habit of the birds here, as every now and then a break in the storm clouds will occur and the sun will appear. This creates a relief for the wet animals as they dry, clean and warm themselves. But who would bath if they were just sopping wet a short while ago?

Normally when I get wet in the rain, I simply dry myself and put dry clothes on. But the question is, would I bath in cold water just after the cold rain has wet me?
Let's have a look for an answer!

Have a look in the video above how a small placid stream turns into a torrent of rain water!


Oh Shame yeah, all little animals get soaking wet and food becomes scarce. Little squirry was soaked, but she came for some nuts.

This video will show you how squirry's husband copes with the rain.


I took this photo from my files to show you a dramatic cloud break!


Here's a red collared young Sunbird drying himself!


What? Robin in the cold birdbath, after the rain has wet just some minutes ago?


Oh yeah, he just had a cold bath!


And here having a sauna in the sun to dry himself.


Hahaha, the Robin has a neighbor also drying in the sun, this is a Thrush!


Finally just another late view of a part of our mountains.

That's all Folks!

We should look to the animals to teach us. May we learn from the birds and the fish in the sea. What about the little bugs and insects? Let them speak to us to show us how to live.

And the skies with their message laden clouds? Plants, trees, flowers and herbs - give us a lesson on how we should live. What is that you say? Live free, with no worries about the troubles of the world. Being content with what we have, and returning to simply just living!

"We are free spirits. Admire us from the ground, or soar with us in the skies - but don't cage us in!" (Free Spirit).

Thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity

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Those animals look absolutely waterlogged! Poor things. I personally love to play in the rain and enjoy getting soaked. Warming up with a hot drink afterward is one of the best parts.

Hahaha, I also did in my younger years my friend. Nowadays the rain still doesn't bother and I don't own an umbrella, but I have to watch out for my creaking knees Lol

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A kind thank you for the support.

You've been chosen to be featured in @creativecoin's 🔥DAILY BURN🔥 post!

All of these pictures are great! I love little critters and tend to 'notice' and pay more attention to them than they think. 😎 There's something calming about just watching from afar.

Wow! This is a first and I thank you sincerely @carrieallen

Just a short intro for you here.
Most of my posts are filled with little critters from dragonflies to dwarf chameleons and other rarities.
Now and then I also post about the charity work that we do in the poor areas of our country.
Pleased to meet you!
Blessings and thank you once again for the kind support!

Pleased to meet you, too!

OMG! I love all those things!
I also help run a nonprofit for kids and the community in a super poor part of our country. Birds of a feather... 😍

Birds of a feather indeed Lady Carrie and I like kind hearts.
Reason why I opened the Papillon page here is that we are now in our 18th year as a non profit and have had to battle to survive on a bird and a string for all of those years. I suppose it is the same in your case.

Yet we have seen many miracles occur in our time and I will continue with the charity until the day that I am no more. Hopefully steem will grow so that we can secure Papillon's future, but in the meantime "A Luta Continua" the battle continues.
Thank you once again and you have deserved a "Follow"
Blessings to your work with the kids!

Nice observation about Animal behavior in rainy weather .
Beautiful photographs of animal..

I have to take photos every day even id it rains my friend.
Glad that you liked it.

Pretty much what I do — I put my proverbial tale above my head and back, and I endure the rest of it. Well...until I reach those dry clothes.

Ah! We react the same to the rain my friend.
The only thing that I keep dry is my camera.


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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Thank you @helpiecake and @carrieallen

Wow just awesome, I just love our feathered friends! You are so blessed to be surrounded by so many different species AND of course the stunning mountains, beautiful photos @papilloncharity!

Thank you my dear friend.
We really are only now after 3 months here starting to feel it sink in Lady Lizelle. It has been a very long and tough road to finally get here.
Blessings to you!

Another great post my Friend love the two videos and isn't it funny how after rain birds often wash themselves in something filled often with rain water

The same thought that I had here JJ. Just doesn't make sense as the sea birds can tell fresh water from sea water, but the birds here inland does not know the difference between fresh water and rain water.

LOL I guess the sea birds are more clever lOL

Gorgeous 💖💕

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Thank you gorgeous Lady.

You are very kind. Be blessed truckloads 🙏💐

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And you are even more kind!
Be blessed trainloads and shiploads!

You toooo 😊🥰🙏💐

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Especially enjoy looking at your photographs of the brightly colored birds! Adding #featheredfriday Sir Stephen!💯

Thank you Lady Nina and glad that you enjoy my photos.

Little wet robin having a rinse down to straighten his feather ready for sunbathing how clever the little bird is.

Squirry using his tail like an umbrella obviously not enjoying all the wet stuff falling down.

We have enjoyed a lovely night of rain, now bright and shiny outside Stephen have a glorious day.

So glad that you guys had rain Lady Joan and I read that latest stats on the Karroo which is frightening. If it carries on like this the Karroo will become a desert.
The animals here are such a revelation and a pleasure for us,

I always feel so sorry for any animal outside in the cold and rain, but we need the rain and they are much better adapted than we are.

Thank and I agree with you about the sorrow, but it's so great to see how the animals cope with big waters. At every cloud break they emerge en mass to clean and sun themselves. This is also the best times for me to get them on the camera, as they tend to let their guard down, preoccupied with their cleaning. Humans can indeed learn so much from the animals.

Gorgeous photos of the birds and squirrel. They are really getting soaked with the rain. I hope the sun stays out all day and everyone keeps dry today.

Thank you Lady Jo, we had rain again until about 9am this morning and the rest of the day was cloudy with occasional sun breaks. At least they are all dry tonight and hopefully the temperatures will improve a bit tomorrow, as it was cold here today.

Another high quality set of images @papilloncharity

You have some beautiful wildlife and terrain in your vicinity. I love the Robin shots, especially the sauna shot. He looks so laid back and chilled out.

The mountains are breathtaking. I definitely feel at ease with life when I am on and around the mountains.

Thanks for sharing.


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Thank you and totally agreed with your mind about the mountains my friend.
They have a very strong calming influence on me.
I think that it even relaxes the animals, as it's the first time that I see them in nature's sauna hahaha
Blessings to you guys!

Got to feel for those little birds and animals out in the rain. You think they would seek shelter out of the rain but I guess a lot of the birds and animals can just shed the water off there feathers and fur. The squirrel's tail made a good umbrella for him but he looks a little miserable in the rain.
You must have had a torrential downpour to get that quiet stream rushing like that! Was it very close to your home?

Beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing!

Wonderful to see how they endure heavy downpours my friend.
We are in fact settled on a hill between two streams.
In fact they were discussing the floods last night at the AGM meeting and some years ago this entire valley was flooded by the heavy waters that streamed off the high mountains.
But no more flooding here in the upper parts as they have installed a series of parallel concrete water runways that run from the mountains to the ocean.

Howdy sir papilloncharity! What a marvelous selection of photos and beautiful text! Is that flooded river in your area?

Thank you Sir @janton and glad that you liked it.
The river runs below our place about 300 yards away, so it cannot affect us.

Holy smokes, where does all that water go, the ocean?

Yup, straight into the ocean due to a lack of planning in a water scarce country that is at the front of global warming.
So sad!

Oh man, they should have damns to be able to keep the water in reservoirs.

Exactly our thought Sir @janton and there is no excuse for this wastage.

Well, at least there is hope that in the future a good part of the water problems can be solved with some damns.

No way my friend. With government salaries 70% of the fiscus there is no money for luxuries such as dams for the people.
Dumb and dumber!

I look like that squirrel if I get out of the!

Hahaha, glad that squirry reminded you of your shower routine my friend.
But of course you look just as beautiful as squirry once you are both dried off Lol