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Let's start from the end ... because ... I don't know, this is kinda cool ... I like the movies with that type of structure.
IMG_4025 malo.jpg
I'm at the end of town. It's late afternoon and I'm looking at the church in the nearby village called Liznjan.
IMG_4028 malo.jpg
The pigeons are active around the tower, in the distance ...
IMG_4038 malo.jpg
... and I'm standing in front of the traffic sign with the name of that village. Here my hometown ends, and further is a different world, maybe even another dimension :D ... it's not of course, but let's pretend that it is, because that way the walk gains in weight and drama. And now, for the same reason, let me ask an appropriate question, in a very serious manner, like I can hardly imagine the right answer. How I ended up here, on the edge ? Well ... it all started ...
IMG_5913 malo.jpg
... early in the morning ...
IMG_5915 malo.jpg
... with the dew ...
IMG_5916 malo.jpg
... covering the plants around my house ...
IMG_4062 malo.jpg
... and some laundry ...
IMG_4065 malo.jpg
... hanging above the vegetation.
IMG_4063 malo.jpg
The sleepy shadow of the plum tree was resting on a clean white sheet. The sun was low in the sky ... and on the opposite horizon ...
IMG_4059 malo.jpg
... the moon ...
IMG_4061 malo.jpg
... was still visible.
When I exited my yard ...
IMG_6981 malo.jpg
... the truck was passing by, driving backwards ...
IMG_6983 malo.jpg
... on the way to deliver a boat to one of my fisherman neighbors.
DSC00709 malo.jpg
On my way through the old center ... I met a dog resting in the middle of the quiet street ...
... the fluffy white cat not far from the advert that says that a dog is missing, with his photograph and where to call if you see him ...
DSC05341 malo.jpg
... and a person with bicycle ...
DSC05345 malo.jpg
... on a heavy walk ...
DSC05343 malo.jpg
... to the garbage cans.
DSC05344 malo.jpg
A bit further along the road, the black car crossed the path and entered the scene for a brief moment.
DSC07210 malo.jpg
There was an inviting plastic chair near this garbage place ... that made it look a bit like a little stage ... it still looks like someone will soon appear from some angle of the photograph, come to sit down there and say a few words, explaining what we just saw.
I passed by the graveyard soon ...
DSC01255 malo.jpg
... with some tall cypress trees ... the tallest candles in town ...
DSC01256 malo.jpg
... and I inverted a detail from one of those trees ... making it look like something from a hedge.
DSC01046 malo.jpg
I came across a very different tree a bit further away ... and then ...
IMG_2517 malo.jpg
... I walked among the shadows ...
IMG_2533 malo.jpg
... for at least ...
IMG_2529 malo.jpg
... a couple of meters ... or so.
Then I saw some houses ...
... and some more houses ...
IMG_2554 malo.jpg
... and also ...
IMG_2509 malo.jpg
... some distorted versions of those houses ...
IMG_2543 malo.jpg
... and more trees ...
IMG_2539 malo.jpg
... more branches ...
IMG_5929 malo.jpg
... more sky ...
DSC00801 malo.jpg
... more colors ... more laundry ... more everything.
IMG_4166 malo.jpg
An old Mercedes - Benz car was parked in front of the supermarket, at the entrance of the coffee - bar ... looked a bit like a horse of some cowboy, waiting at the entrance of the saloon ... like in those old western movies.
On the cheesy advert ... part of the supermarket's facade ... an old man was observing some cheese ... like prince Hamlet observed the iconic skull, once upon a time, far away from here, in some old Danish supermarket ... or it was a castle?
IMG_0779 malo.jpg
On the nearby wall ... the Kinder Bueno candy was hiding in the ivy ... it looked like the poor chocolate bar just escaped from the hands of some voracious kid.
P2020080 malo.jpg
Then I met the old stone wall ...
P2020078 malo.jpg
... in the company of a much younger house ...
IMG_9941 malo.jpg
... and this photogenic chair ...
IMG_9940 malo.jpg
... in some unfinished house ... and soon after that ...
... I saw a man on the tree ...
IMG_3023 malo.jpg
... working on the tree ...
... trying to cut the top of the tree ...
IMG_3024 malo.jpg
... and he did it ...
... the tree is more like a pole now.
IMG_8758 malo.jpg
But many other trees ...
IMG_1002 samo malo.jpg
... all around town ...
IMG_4036 malo.jpg
... continue to spread their branches through the air.
IMG_0540 samo malo.jpg
Here you can see my neighbor, friend and Steemit - friend @denisdenis photographing something with his famous mobile phone around one of those trees.
I said - Hi To him, and continued on my way ... passing by this tractor was a good occasion to take a look at the mysterious tractor's internal organs ... and I took a photograph too ... and then ...
IMG_7028 malo.jpg
... after some more houses and the sun on its way down ...
IMG_4039 malo.jpg
... I arrived at the end of the town ... at the end of this post ... that is nicely connected with the beginning, in a never ending loop :D and I hope you won't get stuck in it ... but I can't guarantee ... as always in these posts on Steemit, the photographs are my work.
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The chapel, architecture and trees are magnificent, but the photos of the moon are mesmerizing, Bravo !!!
Thanks for this nice walk)

Thanks ! Glad you like this photo - walk. :)

That is some risky tree work. I would be afraid of a branch breaking under my foot then swinging into another branch and getting impaled. Probably takes lots of experience and coordination.

I would be absolutely terrified, it looks like a perfect nightmare to me ... I'm generally afraid of the heights.

But imagine the photos you could take up there lol.

He,he ... yes, this prospective sounds inviting ... :D maybe I'll buy a drone one day, and let him do the scary work.

I thought he made it look like even I could do it! lol

Nice photography.

Amazing set of photos!! You were out all day shooting!!

Yes, I spent the day wandering around ... but I went home few times ... this is actually a patchwork walk made of 3 walks during that day.

Great shots

You welcome

I really enjoyed this wednesday walk with you - a little Shakespeare thrown in too! I loved the couple of short "stories" you've included (the trip to the garbage and cutting down the tree). Some of these photos are spectacular. LOVED the geometric shadows on concrete.

Thank you :) I'm very glad that you liked this little trip through my hometown.

He,he ... a good day for a double smile.