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The Obyte wallet is constantly being developed and the recent addition of Autonomous Agents and Prosaic Contracts has increased the number of text strings. Previously completed translations are therefore no longer complete.
With Utopian.io undergoing radical change and soon ceasing activities and payouts at least temporarily, we at Obyte want to acknowledge the excellent work provided for our project by the DaVinci open source translators and proofreaders.

We are therefore launching a wallet translation campaign that pays translators and proofreaders rewards directly in Bytes - the native currency of the Obyte platform. Most should be familiar with it after the Steem airdrop we did last year. The campaign runs until the end of August.

Rewards paid by the Obyte Foundation:

Translating wallet to 100% completion: 400 MB

Proofreading and correcting mistakes: 400 MB

Some languages are closer to completion than others, but we will pay the reward for reaching 100% completion regardless of current degree of completion. Rewards are sent directly to 1 translator and 1 proofreader per language and the DaVinci language moderator will decide who will receive them. When translation and proofreading is complete, the proofreader or language moderator must write to @punqtured on the DaVinci or Obyte Discord providing the wallet addresses of the two receivers.

Can others join?

We appreciate any help, but for languages covered by DaVinci, we prefer the highly skilled and verified translators and proofreaders. At the end of the campaign, we will consider opening up for a broader audience.

The campaign starts today and ends on August 31st. The Crowdin translation project can be found here.


Incredible news and a much appreciated opportunity! As a translator for the portuguese team, if chosen, I'll guarantee the uttermost level of attention and quality.

This is great news! I will let the Greek Team know! @lordneroo @ruth-girl @trumpman @dimitrisp ???

This is great!

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