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Catalonia defied the fascist tactics of the Spanish government and voted for independence. And the people were met with the EU's jack booted version of "democracy". This is what world government looks like. When the government's power is challenged by the will of the people, the final response is always, always, always... violence. A boot stomping on the face of humanity forever.

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Thanks for the great report! I write on corporate capture on my steemit channel here:


Thanks geenman, I'll check it out.


good work@sir, greenman

Knock, knock.. who's there? DEMOCRACY! Way to go Catalonian's that defied the fascist tactics of the Spanish government and voted for independence.

Gives me goose bumps when I see man and woman standing together.

Andy and SGTreport is TRUE NEWS!

Please promote Human Rights.

Did you know On December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Article 1: Innate freedom and equality
Article 2: Ban on discrimination
Article 3: Right to life

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

Article 4: Ban on slavery
Article 5: Ban on torture
Article 6: Right to recognition as a person before the law
Article 7: Equality before the law
Article 8: Right to effective judiciary
Article 9: Ban on arbitrary detention
Article 10: Right to public hearing
Article 11: Right to the presumption of innocence
Article 12: Right to privacy
Article 13: Right to freedom of movement
Article 14: Right to asylum
Article 15: Right to a nationality
Article 16: Right to marriage and family
Article 17: Right to own property
Article 18: Right to freedom of thought and religion
Article 19: Right to freedom of opinion and expression
Article 20: Right to freedom of assembly and association
Article 21: Right to take part in government
Article 22: Right to social security
Article 23: Right to work
Article 24: Right to rest
Article 25: Right to an adequate standard of living
Article 26: Right to education
Article 27: Right to participate in cultural life
Article 28: Right to to a social and international order
Article 29: Duties and limitations
Article 30: Salvatory clause

Cheers sean, listening now and have resteemed


God Bless ya wakeup, thank YOU.

Hold on forever on your 2nd amendment. Freedom is granted when a government fears his citizens. Great post SGT.


Thanks cfh, our gun rights ARE our liberty, watch them target those rights even harder now using the Vegas shooting as the reason.

(I can't find the ansere somewhere else so i'll ask it here)

As a Dutch EU taxslave, can I sue the Spanish government for their use of violence against the brave people of Catalan?

Spain is broke. EU is broke. France and Germany has gone to hell ( by that I mean socialists and rapefuges.) We can only expect more of this. In fact this could be the future of USSA. I'd be glad to witness the death of USSA and all their likes. But what I can't stand is good people suffering.

I know my voice won't be heard much. But my proposal is to stop feeding the gov beast. The good people of Catalonia should simply stop paying their taxes. Gov can cage few. But if every single one who voted for Independence stopped paying taxes, that's a blow. Spread this message people. Create a Tax strike.

Great and "so true" report! Keep up the good work!

Hello Sean.
Logged-in just to give you an +upvote & some thoughts I have + conclusions I've come to.
Like You know, I left the States soon 40 years ago on my...adventure.
i.e. , finding an alternative to the Usa.

Let me share some unadulterated truths concerning many jewish people.
Not all of 'em but, many of 'em.
Especially from the East Coast.
You're from the Northern Mid-West, so, You haven't been 'imprinted' perhaps of the 'behavioral pattern' common to brooklyn chutzpah, visavi the goyim treatment.

Condescending, Rude, Snobbish are PC-correct words for the 'jewish' dude in your video.
The fact is, the more appropriate description of the behavior is more correctly described as being & bonefide .... RUDE ARROGANT OBNOXIOUS.
Did you folks know schizophrenia make Ashkenazi Jews 40 percent more likely to develop schizophrenia and similar diseases?

Only trying to be factual.
And, the Talmud and Zionism are by definition...non-inclusive; goyim ain't in the club and are no more than...cattle-goyim.

I know You love People.
Me too.
It is never wrong to call a spade-a-spade.

If you'all do your research you'll discover the rothschilds were behind the Spanish Civil War in the 1930's.
Many of the non-Spanish anarchist-communist leaders were.....jews.
History repeats itself/rhymes.
Don't be fooled folks.

YOU are OVER-the-TARGET Sean.
btw, the ADL was founded in October 1913 by B'nai B'rith.
The FED was instituted-created on December 23, 1913.

Of Course NOT!!!


Thanks a MILLION x-veritas, mush love for the TRUTH you've shared here.

The elites are literally SHITTING IN THEIR PANTIES ❗️😂😆🤣 Time is coming to hunt these motherfuckers DOWN❗️And to those uneducated sheeple out there . TORAH and ORTHODOX JEWS are REAL JEWS ❗️ZIONIST and TULMUD JEWS are SATANIC JEWS ❗️Get educated , and stop pulling the anti Semitic card , cuz its time to separate good from evil ❗️Great video as always , I GOT YOUR BACK BROTHER . 👏👍🏼😁

Terrible. It has already happened in the US at Occupy Wall St. when force was used to remove protesters.

Obama outlawed freedom to protest.

We Algerians support you and stand by you against barbaric attacks by the Spanish settlement authorities and support your right to self-determination freely and democratically.

Thanks for this info and shar

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You called democracy - I came!

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