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How often do we need to advise or punish people for not showing the consideration we want them to have?

by Scotter

A guy just parked his car, taking up two parking spaces. When I ask if they would mind re-parking, he said, "There are plenty of free spots." In fact, there were some free spots, although after lunch hour it would be more crowded.

What would you do?

(A) Tell him what you are worried about, that the lot will fill up soon and how his parking takes up an extra spot that will soon be vital.

(B) Wait for him to walk away, slash his tires, and pee on his hood.

(C) Yeah, it sucks that the guy wasn't thinking ahead as much as you. I would have a brief struggle in myself between temptation to influence him and preference for allowing natural consequences to handle things. We don't necessarily know if the guy plans on leaving before busy time. Also, the consequences would be more natural - and potentially more effective - if he IS still parked that way and it gets full and someone [else] puts a note on his vehicle or slashes his tires. THEN the consequences will be tied just a bit closer to his actions (parking like that). In other words, if YOU create the consequence when there are still other empty spots, it makes it easier for him to blame you instead of seeing the responsibility for those consequences is HIS. Plus, which path leads to more ease, safety, and harmony for you?

In my opinion, this doesn't have to be just about this situation. It can be that plus about learning to let go of the idea that "some people need to be controlled."


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