Plant Based Eating - Meh - this is my breakfast

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This is what I have been eating for breakfast lately, I don't eat lunch as I don't get hungry again for at least 8 hours even on a highly active day.

I did some stretches this morning after doing 10 minutes of up-hill sprints on my bicycle to max out my heart rate. This is what I do instead of coffee lately. I could skip breakfast and just eat one meal a day easily but I am training hard to build functional strength at the moment. Still trying to nail a handstand press up, not there yet.

First I remove the pork to let it cool, normally I prefer ribs with cartilage on, for the minerals and collagen, but I ate somewhere new today. That yellow stuff in the jar in the background is Ghee.

Ghee, is butter fat that has had the proteins strained out of it. It is essentially butyric acid, or saturated fat, but as it is from grass fed animals, it contains the following fat soluble vitamins:

Vitamin A, (beta carotene - a powerful anti oxidant that is most well known for being great for preserving eyesight. Regrettably I only learned about this a year or so ago, wish I had been given it as a child. I have long suffered with poor eyesight.

Vitamin K2 and D3 - among other things, these work together to reallocate calcium from arteries into teeth and bones.

Vitamin E - another powerful anti-oxidant

Being "Fat Soluble" allows these vital substances to pass through our cell membranes, which are also made of fats, preferable high in Omega 3, which is also found in high concentration in grass fed animal products.

Seeds,(such as grains) are generally very high in Omega 6. This is probably because seeds require an impermeable membrane to protect their cargo. (Omega 3 is permeable - meaning it allows passage)

We require a little Omega 6 in our diet, but too much is inflammatory as hell, as it tends to bock Omega 3 uptake and it is a very unstable, (oxidises easily and therefore robs our cells precious anti oxidant supplies).


Now I stir my ghee,( that I brought from home) into my soup and allow it to melt, while I eat the pork. Pigs are not ruminants, they don't have 4 stomaches full of enzymes for fermenting fibre into precious fats. They are easily abused, as they eat almost anything, and tolerate crowded living conditions if you give them enough antibiotics.

I would rather source pork from farms where it is allowed to roam and graze freely as part of a diverse eco-system, same as the other animals I eat. However most of the worlds functional ecosystems have been replaced with agriculture, industry and housing. So I do what I can with what remains of our prior to, perfect ecology.


The herbs left in the bowl are cilantro, or (Paak Chee Farrang in Thai) a kind of coriander. I really like the flavour of the coriander and the other herbs in the soup, but I prefer not to put plant fibre into my body, not saying its bad, I just personally operate better without it. (my pooh is soft as clay and I only need to go every 3 days or so since I eat only meat and fat. I love being this light and having zero gut inflammation).

Plant Based Good for who?
Well this is all very contradictory to what mainstream media have been telling us is healthy - ie fruit and vegetables.

However, since when has mainstream told us anything that was in our best interests? To them, we appear to exist to pay taxes and consume crap to drive the lifestyles of a few spoilt brats who control enough assets to keep covering their stupid mistakes. Ok thats a more than a little cynical, but seriously, what am I supposed to think?

Breaking free
Here's to blockchain, and the better projects, hope it can bring the change we need, before nature corrects our foolishness for us. Of course I could be wrong about everything, best to look around, see who is old and healthy enough by your standards, then do your own experiments. Personally I am not inspired by anyone who can not do handstand pushups at 70.


Great post. One questions I have is about your collagen intake? Do you happen to have increased it at a certain point during your journey and if so how did it affect your skin and overall health? Thanks!

thank you.
I go on and off of it so its really hard to tell. I have ordered some collagen powder from Tibetan Yaks - no joke (trying to avoid chicken production for obvious reasons).

I never need to put creams on my skin at 47. I build it from underneath with fats and proteins like collagen. My wife who is still scared of fat and guilty about animal products, pours it on every night and her skin is still itchy and dry with lots of allergies. Though to be fair, she did get a lot of sun exposure when she was younger.

Have you tried?

vitamin is most important of our health..nice concept sir..thanks for share..

Very Nice. Your this diet plan is ​really complete for everyone who wants to be a healthy life. Thanks a lot

It is a high fat diet and you might clog up your coronary arteries soon @freemoceanisnow but I guess that you know what you are doing there.

Yes that is the story we were sold. Could be true, all I can do is test on my own body. I will get a CAC test one-day, but it would be waste of money at the moment as my circulation has returned to like when I was 25 ( I am nearly 48 now). From what I have seen, arteries do not get "clogged" as such, the walls get damaged and then the cholesterol and macrophages come to repair the damage - but that is all oxidative stress, mostly once again from Seed
s and seed oils. Anyway good luck to you also!

If it's an oxidative stress then an antioxidant in the bloodtream should give some protection. Maybe that is why I am not dead yet because despite of being a dialysis patient for 16 years because of maybe my regular vitamin C intake.

vitamin C,(ascorbic acid) is an electron donor, or anti oxidant as you say. It Is vital that our macrophages are loaded with it otherwise they will become oxidised when they arrive on the scene to engulf things such as, oxidised polyunsaturated fats and cholesterol plaques, (artery band aids).

However, the receptor sites on macrophages that carry the precious load of ascorbic acid become saturated with glucose and can no longer absorb vitamin C. Many doctors are not taught this, and so they keep adding dextrose into the drip. They believe our bodies, especially our energy hungry brains require the sugar for energy - that is clearly not true. A healthy body contains about 5 litres of blood with about 4 grams of glucose in it, which we can make from protein easily, naturally and strictly as required.

I hope you are able to do some research for your self, there are some excellent doctors, but most are restricted by their training and the system under which they must operate.

Please consider looking up Glucose Ascorbate Antagonism GAA - Csaba Toth MD, you may find him to be pretty amazing.

I wish you the very best in your healing journey. I sometimes wonder if the greatest spirits choose the toughest path - (which is why my life is so easy).

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