@lenasveganliving recipe for wholesome Nutella is delicious!!!

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My husband @carltong is quite a fan of nut butters, one of his favorites is Nutella. Unfortunately, due to his health issues; high sugar spreads are off the menu. That’s why he got so excited when he read @lenasveganliving recipe for wholesome-nutella. (<- click the link to read it)

I’ve followed the recipe and made a quartet of videos to accompany it. Remember, you need to read @lenasveganliving recipe first; then watch my videos to observe how to prepare it.

One of my favorite ways of eating Nutella, is to spread it across fresh baked Artisan bread topped with blackberry jam; absolutely scrumptious.

My grandchildren love some Nutella mixed with strawberry jam & whipped cream, then spread across fresh Buttermilk biscuits; delightfully decadent.

Nutella can be strong at first to some, it may take a few bites to allow your pallet to fully appreciate hazelnut; but I assure you it is well worth it. It’s a sophisticated taste of healthy for your taste buds; allow them to explore.

I have saved the best for last, slightly odd for my taste; here is my husband @carltong favorite Nutella recipe…
*¼ cup of Nutella
*1 banana
*1 tea spoon of mayonnaise
*2 table spoons of honey

Mix the ingredients, take care to smash the banana just shy of pulpy. The mayonnaise will help the ingredients to mix and adds a unique flavor which bonds quite well with hazelnut. This will make enough for two (2) sandwiches.

For best results, toast the bread about halfway, not too soft but not crisp, kinda leathery. This compliments the taste exponentially. I hope you enjoy it.

PS: Here is her website Lenas Vegan Living


I'm an taste bud witness, it was delicious!!!