Bitcoin Technical Analysis | 2018 World Currency? | Rothschild Says Yes

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I have been studying the Bitcoin price action for a couple years and am far from a professional, to say the least. This is not investment advice, merely an animated observation in association with some strange events.

My good friend @Flauwy, who can be found on at has brought attention to the numerological correlation between astrological phenomenon and the Rothschild's 'The Economist" Magazine, and its January 9th, 1988 issue.

Read his steemit article here.!/v/flauwy/1axhzqyl

This magazine issue was ironically published on my first birthday.

If you're interested in checking out Illuciferum, my study of consciousness and its relation to nature through the mathematically complex system of measure known as God(π7)... just push play below.

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Great! This is why we always need to move forward :)
Don't Let Yesterday Take Up Too Much Of Today.


Yeah, you really need a dose of #Illuciferium, 75mg of #DMT wouldn't hurt either...