The Nuclear Hoax: Some Reasons Why I Don't Believe Nuclear Weapons Exist

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Just like many childhood fantasies promoted by the state, I used to believe in the atomic bomb. Then I grew up. I realized that every official pronouncement of the state must be held as being highly suspicious. Here are some reasons why I question the very existence of nuclear bombs. Supporting evidence for points below will be covered later.

Trinity film documentation shows the building of a tower like the supposed nuclear bomb tower but with TNT. Building of the TNT tower was purportedly for comparing a nuclear blast to a conventional explosion. This is claimed to be the largest ever conventional blast. Considering that many of the Manhattan project scientists doubted that nuclear bomb technology could work at all, the rush to produce a highly theoretical technology could have easily been faked, with the army passing off the TNT detonation as the nuclear one. If the nuclear bomb technology were impossible, it is entirely plausible for such a B scenario to exist. At least one of the highest scientists was excluded from examining the Trinity blast--a blast which was conducted at night, with observers not needing to know the actual distance, and which had characteristics they could not verify as being different from a huge conventional blast.

The Geopolitical Claims and Implications of Nuclear Weapons are Myths

Critical examinations of the technical specifications and technical hurdles makes the production of nuclear bombs unlikely. The technical hurdles are made exponentially more difficult as a result of proposed miniaturization of nukes even to the size of grapefruit.

The over-the-top claims of an artificial element that can have all the amazing and improbable properties of plutonium making it excellent for producing complicated bombs is consistent of the creation of an elaborate fiction.

The apocalyptic nature of the exaggerated claims of nuclear weapons and the threat of creating a nuclear winter calls into serious question the very existence of nuclear weapons. This is evidence that the nuclear narratives are more characteristic of Psyops rather than of reality.

The improbable properties of plutonium for the production of nuclear bombs also calls into question its purported use in nuclear powered space probes. Where is all the lead shielding that would be required to protect workers and components of these space probes, which incidentally would also make it too heavy to launch?

The Claim that The Soviet Union and The United States Were Avowed Enemies During the Cold War is a Myth

No credible evidence exists that there has ever been such a device as an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile of Soviet origin. No credible evidence exists that the Soviets had any quantity of nuclear weapons as claimed by the US government.

No unedited film footage exists of an American ICBM being launched on one continent and arriving on an other continent.

The Intense Race for the Bomb Has Intense Political Motives for Forgery

The dimensions and weights of the bombs are not consistent with photos showing bombs being suspended or transported without expected heavy duty hardware.

Film footage of the supposed nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are edited and cannot be verified by chain of custody or chain of events

The many of the proposed human effects of these nuclear bombings have not been independently verified but have been under strict military control.

The purported nuclear bomb areas were under very strict control by US military so that independent scientific verification of nuclear phenomena have not been made.

Museum artifacts at the Hiroshima museum contain features easily forged with claims not independently verified.

Photographs of Hiroshima match the characteristics of conventional firebombing when compared to cities like Tokyo. Hiroshima lacks any characteristics that would be unique to a claimed nuclear bombing.

Movie footage of purported nuclear bomb detonations commonly show visual affects consistent with special effects and overlay of different exposures. Movies are often Hollywood-style with frequent splicing of unrelated footage put together as one event. [A: for instance, ubiquitous cuts between explosions, audience reactions, and instrumentation. This with the raw archival footage.]

The extreme fear-mongering during the Cold War is itself suspect. It took a sharp turn from the constant paranoia of mutually assured destruction, to paranoia after the Cold War that Soviet scientists were selling nuclear bomb components to terrorists, yet this never lead to any of these feared nuclear attacks. The lack of any nuclear detonations at the hands of enemy nations or terrorists (even accidentally) supports the notion that nukes do not exist.

Claims of extreme danger of the materials associated with making nuclear weapons and the maintenance of nuclear power plants has been brought into question by a nuclear expert who would swim in pools of water used in nuclear power plants without any ill effect.

Color footage of supposed nuclear test detonations are also inconsistent with the temperatures purported to be involved. With temperatures identical to that of the sun, we shouldn't be seeing dirty orange fire and black smoke, which is more characteristic of things like TNT or napalm. The idea that mushroom clouds are unique to nuclear blasts is also a complete myth. In fact, you can create a mushroom cloud explosion in your backyard with common materials.

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I like these controversial topics and I hope many of these ideas are discussed on this immutable blockchain history. Psyops are just an extension of propaganda so it's important to question everything, however uncomfortable it may be. Although my energy is focused elsewhere, I think this blockchain would be a great place to discuss and write about any and all the controversial ideas that are out there. It would make for good late-night reading. That's what a censorship resistant blockchain and free speech is all about isn't it?

Jesse Ventura once said: "Popular speech doesn't need protection, its unpopular speech that needs protection."

I agree with his sentiments.

Thanks so much for your input. I would like everyone to consider what the nuclear hoax implies. Really, this would be the mother of all state hoaxes of the twentieth century. Consider that the nuclear bomb was impossible to make. The science was not there. The theories were incorrect. The genius of geniuses were fabrications. Not even a thousand million dollars could produce the impossible--a weapon of apocalyptic proportions that produces the heat of 10,000 suns! Give me a break! The bomb never made anyone surrender. It never won a war. It did not deter wars. It did not stop communism. The communist never has a nuclear threat. The cold war was a fantasy. The military industrial complex which was sustained to counter the Soviet nuclear threat was a big lie. The massive secret infrastructure to counter the Soviet nuclear threat was a big lie. The space race based on superior technology is in question as well. Excuse me, but the whole rationale for building the massive state super complex after WWII is a complete fraud. And all the nuclear paranoia promoted by the state is down right evil. Even now the rhetoric that states blurt out on mass media about this or that power trying to obtain nuclear weapons is a complete charade. I sleep better. I feel relieved. There is no doomsday weapon. There never has been. We've been had. Now we can really start to live and be free.

Great post - get back onto Steemit, you were ahead of your time!

Red Mercury ... I make Orme's .. I believe red mercury is the reason for the Nuclear Hoax