Legend of dragons - Real dragons exist.

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ntopaz-image-0Dragon is the head mascot in the four sacred spirits, it has power and mystery. Appears in both Eastern and Western culture. The question is, is dragon a product of imagination or ever existed on earth?

Dragon in human imagination.

Dragons are always considered fictitious animals or exist only in legends, is this true or false? Currently the only creature that exists and is called a dragon is a giant reptile in Indonesia - Komodo Dragon.
Recent Western scholars have confirmed the existence of dragons on Earth. Specifically, on the famous Discovery Channel, Discovery has a program about the mystery of dragons.
It refers to the traces of dragons, they have appeared since the Cretaceous period (at the same time as dinosaurs and reptiles).
They have the characteristics of dinosaurs but have wings like lizards, primitive wings that cannot help it fly. But by living near volcanoes and eating minerals that contain a lot of methane.
This makes the wings and body lighter, thus making it easier to fly like a bird now. People also explain why they can spray fire as we know it today.
This is because they spray excess air with high pressure, chemically reacting with oxygen in the air to cause them to explode and create flames.
Later when encountering great genocide, dragons adapted by evolving into crocodiles today.
However, there are different things, one of the different things, these dragons have existed and dominated the world for a long time.

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Just love dragons.. and swords :)

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I've never known the dragon in details. Thanks for your good explanation and using nTOPAZ of steem 3rd party decentralized application! I also Resteeem your post! Great work! and masterpiece!

Such a beautiful artwork😊 I think that dragons had a symbolic purpose in our myths and legends. A great undefetable force that would make its killer a true hero or later a saint😊

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AWESOME!!! I love the dragons @yyumi and I appreciate that I have decided to participate in the contest and with excellent work which I loved!!!

Your explanation is also incredible, I thought that dragons only existed in the imagination of humans but with your explanation I have the doubt planted on whether they existed or not? And if so, will it be possible that one day a dragon will appear in our world?