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RE: Evolution of my drawing skills : from 2012 to now.

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WOW!!! Spectacular evolution dear @pipoune, it is amazing how much you have improved and that is due to your passion for art... if now you do all this and have improved a lot, how will you be in about 5 years? XD


Thanks :D
Yes, but like i said, evolution is not a constant thing, and the most impressive evolution always occurs in the beginning. :) But i am curious to see my evolution in 5 years! :D

As my son says... whatever, whatever... the important thing is that you are amazing!!!

The first thing is that I would love to be close in those 5 years and to see your progress, in 5 years I imagine you have become a great artist as well as super important.

Where do you want to go with your art? In my case I want to work on large projects such as movies or videogames creating concept, characters and scenarios... there is a lot left for that but it is my goal.