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Finally Friday !!!

It was really hot during the day today, reaching 42C at 1 PM (108F) but it has now cooled down considerably. I think it is right now around 21C or 70F. It started to come down at around 3 PM to 26C... so it dropped like around 15C in a matter of two hours. Melbourne is pretty crazy like that :D

But really, such a wonderful weather right now! There is an airy breeze and the evening air feels fresh and really springy :D :D :D Too bad the sun has gone away!

Anyway, I am glad the week's done and I've got the weekend to look forward to \o/

Today, I picked up my favourite arting weapon, the Sakura Micron Pen (black) 005 and this girl came out. This pen is very nice to draw with and although I didn't know what would come out when I started to draw, you can trust that, when your hand is comfortable and it knows the behaviour of your favourite tool well, SOMETHING would come out, alright !


The crosshatching is really therapeutic to do at first but after a while I really got sick of it and I was quite glad that I didn't have to do the entire dress! Sometimes, leaving some parts blank actually creates an illusion of form and folds :D

Step by Step

Step 1: Face

Step 2: Hair

Step 3: Torso

Step 4: Dress

Step 5: Arms

Step 6: Shading and outlined and DONE!!!


The moth I'm drawing here is the one made famous by the poster for the movie "Silence of the Lambs"... I was actually listening to someone talking about this movie during work time and I guess parts of it sank into my subliminal because this drawing came out at the end of the day? They didn't mention the poster or the arts for the movie, but I know I remember the poster well~

If you are curious, the moth's name is Death's-head hawkmoth and this is how they looks like in real:

I didn't look 'em up before I was drawing so I ended up giving them a butterfly type of wings instead of a moth's type of wings :3 This is what I do. I blunder into things with vague knowledge :D :D :D But anyway, erroneous details aside, I think this girl probably spends entirely too much time on her hair and she isn't too concerned about the moth's scientific accuracy......... :D :D :D

See you tomorrow, friends o/

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The girl looks elegant. It looks great you use the stroke on her dress.

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Thank you so much <3 Very kind comments~

I live obsessed with moths, ever since I bred silk moths as a child... I find them ghostly, eerie, ethereal little fairies, I love their toned down colours... and I've been painting and drawing myself moths for a project. Lovely drawing as usual


Moths are really pretty! I love them too :) Priscilla would be a very ethereal moth princess !!! I think.......

Thank you so much <3


I have sketchbooks with moths because in my current project I need to draw a lot, they're also recurrent in my lyrics and videos (Haunted, Nothing) and in many of my drawings. I bred silk worms as a child and dunno I find them utterly ethereal and ghostly

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She is a beauty with her curly hair and long fingers:) I like the title also, i am sure you were inspired by the Acheron river


Thank you! To be honest, the title is just the name of the moth XD That's their latin species name, Acherontia :D :D :D

I like how you crosshatched her dress and that moth is kinda cute looking. Nice dainty fingers also that she has :).


Thanks scrawls!! The moth is my favourite :D

Ha ha, here it's around 0 - 5 degrees outside - other side of the world :)
Very nice drawing, I like the curls in the hair very much ! ^^
In fact, each time you manage to build a volume with your technique, I'm very very jealous of the result, it's so great :D


wow that is super cold! other side of the globe !!!

thank you so much for such kind comments, @djacbaweur <3

42C!? I remembered the hot summer of Japan ... It is hell😂
In summer in your country will it be about that temperature every year?
Oh, Yeah! Silence of the Lambs is a wonderful movie!The poster of that movie is really impressive!
I think the combination of eerie moths and gorgeous women is unique and beautiful!👏

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Yes 42C IS hell XD But thankfully it didn't last very long !

And yes, Australian summer gets to be really hot, but in Melbourne (where I live) we have ups and downs so at least even during summer there are days that are 'cooler' :)

Thanks, Ryo !

She's pretty with that hair and the hairband, I love it!
I can never draw something decent with a pen. I had similar drawing pen like that but I used it to write school stuff instead. Until it ran out of ink... while never produced a single sketches. Quite barbaric, don't you think?


Thanks, Rain~ Pens are really lovely to draw with! Even the ballpoint pens :D They are really nice and flowy!

BUT YES THAT IS BARBARIC~ how... how could you only do school work with such drawing pen !!!! ONLY school work???!!!


There's one time when we were given a task to write a fiction based on a theme that we got from a bucket that was filled with folded papers with a variety of genres in it, with a minimum of 3 paragraphs. I wrote 5 paragraphs with this pen:

You know what's worse? Some of my classmates thought the pen was great so they did it as well. I'm a super villain.


I think it's really cool to have a concept and draw. Now I am drawing a different picture, but when there are many people on YouTube, I should draw my own picture like veryspider.


yesyesyes, that would be wonderful ! to see an original art from @cyclonemool <3 !!!

i would love that !


Yes, you've clearly mastered that Sakura pen; I guess it's become part of you, an extension of your drawing hand, because whenever I come here you've done something wonderful again 😍 I like how this works: "I didn't know what would come out when I started to draw"... Flowing out of you, through the Sakura pen, to materialize on paper; it's magic is what it is 💜


hahahahah yeah, when you are comfortable with your tools, really natural things flow out of you :)

like how some dancers have their favourite dancing shoes, and they are super comfortable to wear and dance with.... and how some tennis players have their favourite rackets, and how some bakers have their favourite flour, i think when people find their 'zones' ... we are at ease with ourselves and with the world :)

Honestly I love that the moth looks like a butterfly, because now it gives off a 'cute but dangerous' vibe and that's cool :D


XD that is one way to look at it ! certainly a better way than "i didnt know shit sorry!" XD;;;;

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Amazing...The details look very beautiful!


As I am new to ntopaz, if I comment on Steemit is it the same as commenting here?


I think so, Donna :)

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thanks :D

Pens-n-crosshatching, two things I never thought would come back to haunt me since Oct- sorry: Inktober. Anyways, I love how you’d managed to ink the entire piece and crosshatch greatly as well (with only one .005 pen I assume?). Also that detail of curiousity while being relaxed works very well here. Meanwhile, that dress and hair look stunning and beautifully on her. Also you people and somehow managing to draw fingers/hands, what’s the secret?!? TELL ME!



Inktober was always so much fun :D Did you participate in 2018? Aaah, we should do it together in 2019, for sure :D

And, there's no secrets! I swear!!!


Screams and runs off to make a quick sketch

I would be honoured to ink with thee!



October 2019 will be fun for sure :)