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Hello everyone!

I wanted to show you a new drawing by my collection. This is one my last works ''You Are Why We Love'' .
Sizes 66,2 X 81,3cm (Not Framed)
Pencil&Mechanical Pencil (0,5) and Korean Ink on Art Paper (2019)

a picture when I draw it

Here's the video link on my facebook page and some pictures, you can check it out.


And also sometimes, I like to try to some another tests on my drawings with colors , abstract lines... I did a couple of variations on this one.

Those are my favourite variations, I had so much fun, hope you too.. Let me know your thoughts.
DENEME 3.jpg
these are for the art prints variations

DENEME 2.jpg

how about that one? hope you like it!

You can also check out on my instagram page for list price of this and the other works.


It goes without saying that you are a very talented artist @tuncaydeniz:) I saw your insta and your previous posts ans i am amazed:) Wecome to Steemit and to @ntopaz community:)

Because you are just starting here and i know that everything looks so complicated i will write to you some advices that you will find them useful. Stemmit is very different from insta or other social media and the sooner you understand the better:)

First of all, if you want to post at ntopaz you must do it at nTopaz Platform You sign up there with @steemconnect and you upload the artwork. The post will appear at steemit too and i think @bidesign could help you understand more:)

Second, if you used a referance photo to make a portrait you must include it. It may sound strange but it is important because a lot of scammers upload other artists artworks and you must not be mistaken for one.

Third, try to use tags like #artzone #c-squared #ocd-resteem #art-venture. These are all groups that are looking for good artists to promote their work and you should draw their attention.

These are all i can think so far, if you have questions or need help in anything feel free to ask:)

Thank you! :)

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👍 that's nice, thank you

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Always love the way you do the eyes!

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Thank you!

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