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It was a welcome hug. Forests whispered small sound tenderly. I was lost where to go. But there was a thrilling moment for touching.

Forests stand welcoming all with hug.

Artist : Szabo Klara Petra

Origin : Szabo Klara Petra Solo Exhibition

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This photograph and the view is very beautiful, I like very much this versatile part of nature. I have never been able to be in an art exhibition, but I am delighted to be able to enjoy it from here.

Thank you ~

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나란히 앉아, 듣는

ㅎㅎㅎ 방문 감사합니다

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ehy dear @trueimagine, super congratulations on your personal exhibition! It must be very satisfying for you !! your designs are beautiful and I think the title "Embrace" could not be better! the feeling you convey is precisely that of being one with nature, trees are our brothers, the earth is the mother and the sky is the father. it is a message that aims to protect all this and not to destroy it as man is doing for pure consumerism. do not lose this hug, indeed, we tighten stronger !! :-)) thanks for sharing

Really nice paintings!
Great find @trueimagine 🎨🤓

Hmmm maybe I should do the same with local galleries :3