[CR]Original art: You're The Sunflower + Made a MakersPlace account

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Thank you to my Duncle for letting me borrow their tablet for a bit when I went over to their house so that I'll be able to enter this contest! What contest am I talking about? It's Makersplace Happy New Year Digital Art Contest by @rito7 Also I'm like reallly sleppy fdkfdjks not because I've stayed up till 6am(I mean I have done that before but I think I slept soon after it was 6am so I don't think I've actually reallly pulled an all nighter before)

Anyway, guess I have a makersplace account now but whole pricing thing- I'm still not sure how I should price my art especially in ethereum sweats Peeps that know my usual quality of art: How much should I actually price for the rest of the arts I might put there? This one's 0.08 ETH soooo uhhh check out my makersplace store thing here

Buy this piece on Makersplace with ETH here

First edition has been bought ahh thank you so much @reinhard-schmid I didn't expect to get a sale so fast ❤ ❤ ❤ happy tears

You can buy the piece again on Makersplace with ETH here

(There's 8 editions of this art in total so there's 7 editions left! If by some miracle someone buys the second edition let me know so I can publish the next one~)

Also here's this art's proof of authenticity since that's a requirement for the contest
Uhh to be safe I guess I'll put proof of the authenticity for the second edition too
So the theme of the contest is "Happy" And who better to use that theme than my OC, Ran?(Well Nup too but it's easier to use Ran since I can use whatever colours I want with them) Drew them doing that "hey, come on smile!" gesture with sunflowers around them because I always feel that they're tied with happy and sunshine(because you know sun) Am I making sense I'm not sure I gotta rush this because I need to go out soon fdkjdkf But yeah Happy child with Happy flowers~ Simple but I like how this turned out!

Also the title's a lyric line from Post Malone & Swan Lee's song "Sunflower" because I keep hearing it on repeat and you should watch Spiderman Into the Spiderverse if you haven't because god the animation is gorgeous hashtag not sponsored//no hashtag will probably never be sponsred///noo Also I tried to replicate the style I used for my Peni Parker fanart but kinda less simple(???) And just like that Peni Parker fanart, the progress shots aren't gonna be like my usual style of progress shots since it made by parts rather than...stages? I don't know words. But I tried to include a bit more progress shots for this one so here we go!

Yo the sunflower  a.png
Yo the sunflower  b.png
Yo the sunflower  c.png
Yo the sunflower  d.png
Yo the sunflower  e.png
Yo the sunflower f.png

And that's it for the post! Thanks for checking it out and if you have any suggestions on what kind of stuff I should put in MakersPlace(once I have a new tablet) and how I should price my stuff or anything else I should know about the place because I feel like a lost squirrel, feel free to comment~ Uhh good morning! And farewell~

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Love to see artists selling their art! It must feel so rewarding but I guess it's also not easy to give your work to someone else :) Congratulations on the sale and I wish you all the success with your other illustrations too! :)


Thank you!!! And ahh I guess it depends on the art and artist? I don't mind selling some of my work but the problem isn't really giving my work to someone else(well it is a bit since we don't know what they're gonna do with it) it's more so I don't really have a lot of peeps that know/like my art so I'm unsure if my art will sell at all so most of the time I find it a bit hard to put myself out there. That and I'm not great at promoting/marketing myself(I think this one is a problem other artists face)

I love it!! Had to get Nr. 1 for my collection :-)


Thank you! And ahh so I'm assuming you're the one that bought the first edition of this art??? Ahh thank you so much for being my first buyer 😭😭😭


Yep, all mine now, and I love it. Could not resist :-)


Ahh take care of that art well! Thank you again~

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very nice!



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Great! Love that final texture feels very organic.


Thank you~!

The image is as cutesy as the rest of your stuff xD Good luck with the makersplace stuff!


Pfft thank you Reeree~

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Very nice drawing, @thilah! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you!!