[CR]Chronicle Illustrated of an apagon- "To the meter and in the middle of a bath".

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Today I want to show you two situations that illustrate;

Right now it's 6:12 in the morning, and I'm pretty cool with my brain, I still need a cup of coffee, but that does not stop me. : D

First Situation: When the blackouts happen, transportation is obvious and everything is paralyzed, including the metro in Caracas, where more than 400,000 people are mobilized every day (It is very crowded). On Saturday I had an idea to incorporate the bag that the child of the first illustration has, because it has a social context, since the government created some bowls with the flag stamped to give them to the poorest children (Things of the dictatorship), then my mom gave me the idea of why not draw it going to the subway without lu, back to the "bag of misery."

Second situation: As everything is paralyzed, it also happens with water, and now this is a pretty funny situation, imagine you're taking a shower, and that's a luxury here, (because there's almost never water), and suddenly it is soaped and light goes out, and water stops flowing, and you stay half bathed, fuck! D:

These illustrations are less depressing, but it does not mean that they are far from reality. Bye :)


Great concept!

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These illustrations that you have been doing are really emotive, @stefaniaveliz ! Each seem to really capture the small things that we may take for granted because the thought of long black out periods simply do not enter our heads ...

Maybe you should publish them as an illustrated book, when you have drawn all of them in this series! :O

The second picture does makes things a bit humorous, but I can imagine the panic and discomfort when it does happen to a person!!!

Yes, it will be a little book called "Illustrated chronicles of a blackout" in fact it's the idea from the beginning, I'm 13, I hope it's about 33 or more ideas come to my mind D: hahahahaha

You illustrate illustration. What is this mood? So unique! Only black and white you create a new world. So impressive! But why it is so cold? That makes this more attractive. Thank you for sharing this ~

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