The Lady Deer (oil on paper)

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Yesterday I worked on 2 different versions of a Lady with the horn of the deer on her head. The first one is a tiny painting A6 size, the second one (the one you can see in these pics) in A4 size.

You can see the smaller version here, but the larger version I made yesterday after the dinner is this:

Deers and woodland creatures are some of my favorite subjects to paint and so yesterday I decided it was time to use my new character (the Lady with a minimal face) to represent my love for them.

It's an oil painting on a sheet of paper 200 gsm and, like in the other paintings in the same style, the main color I used was the Payne's grey.

For this one I decided to paint a white dress with the leaves seem to fall down directly from the horn.

I hope you like it!

See ya soon


silvia beneforti

silvia beneforti
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Where doed that horn come from? ^^ I wanna give my hand to your idea. I wonder how you make this kind of tone. It is so ambiguous and faint. Feel like dreaimg. Soft and trauquil. A bit pastel-like a bit skin-colored. You contains your idea in your color, I guess. Great work. I will stay tuned ~

Thanks a lot, @trueimagine ^_^

I was just posting on your other post with the deer @silviabeneforti (I'm trying to play catch up from this busy week) so I had to comment again on this one. I truly love this series. Well done.

Thanks so much, dear Donna! During these days I'm working on different projects/ideas, but to work on this series it's very relaxing for me ^_^

Cool concept, there's a few native american stories out there about deer women.

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Interesting! I have to search more info about those storie! Thanks ^_^

Hi, @silviabeneforti!

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