Keeping myself moving (oil painting on paper)

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Today I decided to work on a new painting based on a simple sketch I made some days ago using just a ink pen on my sketchbook. In this artwork there is one of my Ladies in blue and  some waves made by plants and leaves. Those waves start directly from her and this is my favorit part of this work.

The idea in my mind was to represent something/someone moving and so I used the waves (strange waves, I know ^_^), because I think they are the perfect thing to represent something moving, something full of power moving.

At the end of this piece, anothe thought came into my mind: the waves are also someting to ride and it's another "concept" I like to work on.

It's an oil painting on paper in A4 size and I used some different shades of blue, mixing the "payne grey" with the white. 

Now it's drying, but soon I'll add it on my online shops, hoping it will find a new home in some part of the world ^_^

See ya soon


silvia beneforti

silvia beneforti

Hola, muy bonita tu obra, los colores grises le dan un toque de serenidad y soledad. En mi percepción puedo ver el alama de una persona que ama el mar, la conexión que existe entre las almas por algún lugar o momento, es realmente apreciable lo que podemos lograr captar a través de nuestra mirada, amo llenarme de este tipo de contenidos, las personas que hacen estas obras de arte merecen respeto y admiración. Cada detalle que le agregaste es realmente bonito y tiene su significado, gracias por llenar la plataforma de buenas obras y relatos.


Muchas gracias! I can't write in Spanish, but I can understand it easely because I'm italian ^_^

It seems to move away from the waves. It looks great, good job! I liked the touch of the paper boat.

Thanks so much ^_^

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