The freaky quail (oil painting on paper)

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Happy Monday to you all! Wishing you an happy start of the new week, today I want to introduce you my new oil painting on 200 gsm paper: the freaky quail!

Even if the quails who live in my area (in the center of Italy) are very different from this one, this morning I watched a pic on line about this kind of quail who has a funny tuft on his head. I was really intrigued by this kind of quail and so I couldn't resist to paint one of them using my own illustrative style ^_^

The face of this bird looks a sort of mask and maybe I'll use thi subject for other paintings too, but in the meamtime I had so much fun to represent it like a sort of "camu quail" adding some little leaves on the body too.

Now it's drying, but when it will be ready I'll add this one on my online shops ^_^

I hope you like it!


silvia beneforti

silvia beneforti
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Incredible Art work as usual yet I felt extra drawn to have close look at this little fellow. My compliments.

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Thanks so much for your nice words ^_^

I have been seeing your bird series coming through on FB and they are all so cute and adorable.

Thanks so much, dear @sunscape ! ^_^

That is beautiful painting, the bird is looking quite lively, like the idea of painting its tail in front of tree branch that makes an impression of volume too. Lovely painting :)

Thanks so much ♥️

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So nice! :) I really like your painting style

Thanks, @doze ^_^

So incredibly adorable! xD How do you find painting with oils on paper? I thought it might rip or something with the thick paints being layered. The colours in this are super charming :)

Thanks ^^ I like to paint on paper using oil colors, but the paper have to be stronger. I use a 200 gsm paper that it's ok for this kind of tecnique and painting on it you have to pay attention and use the colors like in the watercolor tecniques. It's different from painting n canvas, you need to be very delicate ^^

I love the way you integrate the branch with small leaves into the design of the bird's feathers Silvia. Will make a beautiful design for another one of your notebooks. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Soon I'll work on some new notebooks with my new painting. Thanks so much, dear @allyinspirit ♥︎♥︎

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