blob doodle

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Well I was working for hours on a never ending drawing...Shading takes so much time. So I decided to go out for a walk. When I was outside I saw a blob with a big nose crawling around and decided to capture it. It was slow so I could look at it for a while.

I think it looked a bit like this :)

Now back to finishing the neverending projects :D

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I am sure it looked exactly like this :D It's a bit frustrated because it's so slow. It would love to go faster but it simply doesn't work for it..

I'm sorry to hear that you have drawings that takes too long to finish but I hope that you have a nice commission on those ones so it compensates :)

Have a lovely weekend and thank you for sharing!


Yeah some of them are faster but I think most of them take all the time they want.

Well would be nice if I can sell some prints of it but for now it's all for my own fun or torment I guess lol

Thank you and you have a great weekend too! :D

Ahahahahah!, that's awesome! What was the creature looking for?


I think it went out for groceries as it was crawling to the direction of the supermarket. :D

Interesante obra, hace mucho teimpo vi una película que se refería a una "Mancha Voraz" que crecía y devoraba todo a su paso. Este dibujo se acerca bastante a aquella plaga extraterrestre que amenazaba con acabar la vida en el planeta. Muy bueno, saludos desde Venezuela.


Thank you very much! Had to translate it first lol

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