Leonard Nimoy (Mr Spock) - Actor of the Day

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ntopaz-image-0# My first Drawing via nTopaz

I thought to myself: Let's give it a try!

Testing testing.


Hm, my previous stages didn't show up..
Reupload via good-old Steemit:


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Hi Piotr, that is beautiful drawing of legendary figure, who is my favorite hero too. I like that you have chosen elderly version of Leonard, that is more difficult due to wrinkles and more shadowing that requires to reflect the age. OYur work has such smooth blending of face and create beautiful shades. Like it!

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Thanks! I prefer drawing old people. Adding wrinkles is fun. The more - the better. Like Tommy Lee Jones... Yess. Perfect example. I'm going to look for reference photos now :)

I like it. You have your own unique style.

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