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A Butterfly, an Ibis Hadeda and a little lady songbird. What do they have in common?
Nature's beauty indeed. a large bird, a small bird and a tiny butterfly, yet they are all beautiful in their own right.
We have discovered so much beauty in day 3 of our stay in this new place and the area is filled with nature's residents!

Hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for the visit to a post by @papilloncharity.

Here are some more beauties.


Another butterfly spending some time in the early morning sun!


This looks like a female Copper Sunbird searching for some nectar in a red pincushion!


Have you ever seen a singing Malachite, the king of the sunbirds.


Or heard the lovely rushed tunes of the red collared sunbird?


From afar I thought this was a Weaver until I heard his song. This is a Yellow Canary.


I am used to seeing one or two windmills, but three of them together is a rare sight indeed.

We are surrounded by farms with a wide variety of produce and due to the different crops they all attract a range of bird species. An entire glossary of bird species are present here and they are spread across the areas.
One can target a particular specie, such as Blue Cranes for instance, research what they eat and then simply drive out to the farms that produce their food. Many farms also have a variety of wildlife on their farms and it's a photographers dream.

Of course the birds also invade the towns close by and we are lucky to get a fair share of the birds here in our town. If you are a bird and butterfly lover, you simply plant their favorite flowers or insect drawing plants in your garden and voila, you will soon have an aviary of wild birds at your place.
Squirrels love nuts and guess what? We don't have any nut trees here, yet, but we have a huge palm tree out front and I was told by a resident that the squirrels nest in it at the top.
Caught a brief glimpse of one today and I will soon be in action again with the squirrels.

Thank you for the visit to @papilloncharity.

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Such a beautiful life you have. I like these lovely photos of nature

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Thank you for the kind comment and your support my friend.
Mother nature is my personal friend and she shows me all of her treasures.
Hope you have a good Sunday.

Fabulous zoom, indeed. Excellent work on those macro shots, as well! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for the kind comment my friend.
Glad that you liked the photos.
Hope that you have a good Sunday.

All such fabulous shots and clearly you are surrounded by amazing beauty in your new place

Thank you JJ. The heavens know about my love for nature and they also knew what we can afford.
So the message went out to find a place for us that would be ideal.
This is really a blessing.
Hope you guys are having a good Sunday my friend.

yeas indeed I think thats the case and I also take it as another sign that this place was meant for you :)


Beautiful photographs!

Thank you.
Glad that you liked the photos.

You did it again my friend! Great shot!

Thank you my friend! Glad that you liked it!


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At this rate I think you should start to cross-post on r/EyeBleach... they deserve more cuteness like these birds.

They really know how to be beautiful among the flowers and nature, and nothing looks out of place! Sometimes it just gets a little bit mind-boggling on how it comes out to be like this, but I think it's just nature being nature :)

Thank you my friend.
I have no idea what "r/Eye Bleach" is.
Mother nature is my friend and she shows me all of her treasures.
Hope you have a good Sunday.

It's a subreddit on a site called Reddit...you access it by visiting https://www.reddit.com/r/EyeBleach. Basically a wholesome place for uploads of wholesomely cute things!

All great photos and beautiful birds, but I'm wondering about the Malachite, (which I've not seen before), and its tail. It looks to be quite long, but I can't tell where its tail ends and where it meets the tree branch. Is the tail exceptionally long or is it an optical illusion? :)

Thank you, the tail is not much longer as what you can see. It often divides into a fork (2 parts) in the wind. I will sometime post another photo of its full tail.
Hope your Sunday is good.

Magic happens when we open our eyes and our entire being to a new place. Wonderful to observe ALL the beauty surrounding your new home. Love the pincushions. I've seen them here but thought they most likely were an African species.

Thank you for the truth in this comment.
Mother nature is my friend and she shows me all of her treasures.
The pincushions is a group that belongs to the Protea family (Proteaceae) and they are indigenous to our country, South Africa.
Hope that you have a good Sunday.

The Protea family is such a wonderful thing we (SA and Oz) have in common. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

The Proteas are great flowers my friend.
They are South Africa's national flower.
We also have the Protea cricket team. Many of our friends have emigrated to Oz and I think by now half of your country should consist of ex South Africans Lol.

Possibly. My QiGong teacher is from South Africa. She's wonderful. So generous with her time. In her mid-70s, so energized, working on a PhD!

Our Aussie Waratah is also in the Protea family. My favourite native flower ~ State emblem. I think it should be our national emblem too. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Those sun birds are so cute. I surely hope you will find squirrels 🐿 you love them so much. 😊

Thank you and I also love the sunbirds my friend.
The squirrel situation looks promising and I will surely investigate as usual.

Absolutely stunning pictures, enjoy our Creator's best,so grateful I get to see them through your lenses, keep em coming @papilloncharity

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Thank you once again for all of the kind words my friend.
Glad that you like the post and hope that you have a good Sunday.

You're most welcome. I live in Dubai, Sunday is nearly over this side of the gulf. Have a lovely day 🌈

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They got wings and all around us, keep sharing amazing nature!

This place is so different from the other one Lady Joan and yet so much the same.
Had my first meeting with our own squirrels today and will build a little feeding tower for them soon.
Hope you guys had a good Sunday.

Howdy sir papilloncharity! That place is amazing! Such a tremendous variety of beauty, thank you!

Beautiful photographs!

Thank you my kind friend!

You are quite the birder! You captured some really lovely bird photos. And you are so knowledgeable about each type. My uncle was alway better at identifying birds than me. I only know maybe a half dozen or so of the local species. I'm better with identifying trees and plants than he is though. Those flowers in your photos are really lovely as well. Especially those red pincushions, those are way cool looking!

Thank you Sir and you are one up on me, as I like your uncle also struggle with the names of trees and plants. I only know about half a dozen of tree and plant names hahaha.
The pincushions ore of the Protea family and they are indigenous to South Africa.

Love the shot with the copper songbird!!! And the Green on the one after!!! Beautiful creatures!

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Thank you and glad that you liked the song birds my friend.

Fabulous photos! Such wonderful color in those birds and amazing, delicate beauty in the butterfly! Thanks for sharing these lovely things!

Thank you my friend.
The place is slowly coming alive, as Spring is knocking on the door and we look forwards to see many more amazing sights over here.

Magnificent images @papillioncharity I particularly love the female Copper Sunbird amid the pincushion proteas and the red collared sunbird.......but then, they are all lovely with wonderful colour and detail.

I am indeed honored by your visit my friend.
Thank you for the kind words and glad that you liked the photos.

My pleasure @papilloncharity Have a wonderful weekend. 🌻 🌼 🌻