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Ever seen a Gecko hanging upside down with his stomach exposed? Neither have I until today!

I stood talking to some laborers in the back garden early this morning, as they were digging a trench down the side of the house to open up a leaking water pipe. Some movement up on the wall below the roof caught my eye and I saw this little Gecko sitting there. A first time that I see a gecko of this color and where was his tail?
But something more astounding was to happen, as in retrospect, this little guy was waiting for the early sun to warm the wall. I was on the last of me camera's battery and I hoped that it would last for a few more shots.
A most astounding occasion!


He must have gotten in a scrap with a bird or something, as his tail was gone!


Then he slowly started to change his position!


He was moving into a vertical position!


And then, BOOM! He simply let go with his front feet and he flipped over backwards!


Look! His back feet are still stuck to the wall and his legs are twisted over!

What an amazing site, as this little guy was warming his belly in the sun. Like I said, I have never seen this before.
The Gecko is about 25 millimeters in length and his body is built to support his weight. This was such an exciting discovery that I forgot about the low battery of my camera and it simply shut down.
I sped around the side of the house to go and fetch a charged battery, but had to wait at the front door as Marian was in the bath. Eventually I got the battery and you guessed it. When I returned the Gecko was gone.

I so wanted to get a shot of him in action when he flipped back to his original state, but it was not to be. Drat, he was gone. Most of us know that disappointing feeling don't we?
A missed opportunity to get a perfect shot spoiled for one reason or another. I've had hundreds hahaha.
Some of my shots could have made National Geographic if only, if only...………..!
But I console myself by saying that tomorrow is another day to get it right.

Just so in life as there are no failures as far as I am concerned. They are all lessons to mold us. To grow us toward a degree of perfection, but we have to understand that no human being can ever be perfect. There is not one that has not made mistakes, but we need to learn and grow from our mistakes. We need to identify our weaknesses, embrace them and turn them into strengths. This is my way of learning in life.
Think about it!

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jajajaja excellent moment the one that you captured, when seeing the image I thought, this dead one!
the lizards for being of cold blood always go out to warm up in hours of the morning or finishing the afternoon, I have seen many doing it, but like this, never!

Thank you and it was a big surprise to see this little guy in action.
For a moment I thought he was going to fall after he flipped over, but his back feet was securely stuck to the wall.

What an amazing sight!

Hahaha, I want to catch him and give him a job in the Circus Joe.

Oh no, poor thing, sold to the circus!! Hahaha...

That is so cool I too have never seen one do that either how cool that you caught it
Pity you missed how it transitions back from that position

As fir mistakes I have made more than my fair share there part of life the key is to learn from them

Hahaha, I call it that "Drat" feeling JJ.
There's this crazy hawk here that zooms right over my head after the pigeons and I got him once or twice, but most times he comes from behind me and there's no time to snap him.
About 5 "Drats" every day, but I will eventually get him full on.

There is one eagle here that torments me I have seen it flying off with a fish but only either just as I am parking without the camera out or as I am driving away after a walk
Never while walking with my camera
Drat moments for sure

How cool is that!? Your pic shows he flipped over - perfectly! And sometimes less is more! So, I think your post is perfect as is!

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Thank you my friend, glad that you liked it and you are correct in saying that less is more.


Pretty interesting and fun behavior.

Never saw this before.

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Thank you my friend.
It was indeed a once in a lifetime sight.

Thank you my friend. It
Was indeed a once in a
Lifetime sight. Blessings!

                 - papilloncharity

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

LOL! Hahahaha, that's hilarious!

Thank you and it did indeed have a cute and a funny side to it.
One moment he was sitting and the next he simply just flopped over backwards.

This is the cutest thing - what a great capture

Thank you my friend and it was a once in a lifetime sight.

Gecko species is amazing, acrobatic they appear everywhere. By what I understand much like the lizard, will shed the tail when escaping danger, which grows back. Rather lose a limb than a life! Witnessed male gecko fights in the house where one will drop his tail off and scurry away.

Should you have some time this is an interesting photographic portfolio online: http://www.tyroneping.co.za/geckos/hemidactylus-mabouia/

Thank you Lady Joan and I will have a look.
I can't seem to find a recent post of yours to support?

Hello @papilloncharity Beautiful photographs of Lizard.
Interesting post sir. thanks for share with us..
have a nice day.

Glad you liked the post my friend!
Blessings and thank you!

I think the lizard die before, but not. Great shot @papilloncharity.

Thank you my friend and I was just as surprised to see his actions.

It's weird to be honest.. I don't like lizard at all... :(

Thank you and oh yes, I guess they are reptiles and many people don't like them.
Thank you so much for taking an interest in my posts.

Ya , I hate reptiles like snake , lizards because may be kinda I feel weird or phobia.. Actually not hate kinda don't like.. Hahahah... But you post was fun to read..

They do indeed have strange habits my friend.
Swallowing live things whole is never a good thing to see.
I believe the Lizards even eat their old skin when it peels off.

That’s amazing how he warmed up his belly. Amazing little critter...too bad he lost his tail as it probably helps so much in balancing.

Thank you my friend and fortunately their tails grow back.
They normally shed their tails when they feel that their life is in danger.
A cute little guy.

omg I have never seen a lizard upside down

Thank you Vibi.
I think that if I see him again, that I will talk to him and ask him to appoint me as his agent.
I am sure that I can find an act for him at a Circus hahaha.

Amazing sir papilloncharity! I have never seen that either and we have tons of geckos at our house, small ones inside and big ones outside but I've never seen anything like that! You did great to catch that position.

Hahaha, I was just as amazed to see it Sir @janton.
Maybe a once in a lifetime view as he has not reappeared again.
I've been keeping an eye on the spot where I saw him.

Howdy today sir papilloncharity! If he shows up again that will totally be a God thing! lol.


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Your photos could make National Geographic if I was the publisher :) I love little geckos! Living in Mexico, we have all kinds around, but we also have two cats ... and funny enough, often see tail-less geckos, because our cats get ahold of them! There's one little guys who keeps coming back, but I see his tail is now regrowing too :)

Thanks for this post; I've never seen a gecko do the cool backflip to sun it's belly either!! And thank you to @vibesforlife featuring your post in her Pay it Forward Curation Contest ( @pifc) entry; feel free to join us with an entry of your own any week @papilloncharity :)

Thank you @lynncoyle1 you certainly should consider joining National Geographic as a publisher, as it seems that you have great visual insight into photos of an unusual nature.
Most comments on this post, even among people such as @janton, who have many geckos and lizards around them is that it is a first to dee this. As it was for me as well and believe me that in Africa I have seen many.
Hope you have a blessed day!

Btw! How is your guy's health doing?
I just read your post about his amazing recovery!

I also had a light stroke TIA a few weeks ago and have recovered, but the doctors worry about my stress due to the work that we are doing.
I told them that I will never stop.

Here's one of our latest posts to show you some of our work.


Hey thanks for asking; he's doing well. We gave up work due to stress, because his tumor is wrapped around his adrenal gland and feeds on stress. Stay healthy my friend!

Cool pics of a cool creature! Thanks for sharing!
I found you thanks to @vibesforlife - who featured you in the Pay it Forward Curation contest. Keep up the great work!

Thank you for the kind words dear friend.
I shall continue with the work until the day that I am no more!

Thanks a lot for your interesting article and photos. Indeed, he's quite an athlete!

Yeah, sometimes I missed perfect photo opportunities because of one thing or another. Just a few weeks ago, I wanted to take a shot at an old classic car that was passing by... and the only and exact time I could get the shot, another more recent car driver passed right between me and that other car. Grrrrrrrr. 😠

Congratulations on being featured by @vibesforlife in an entry for the Pay It Forward Contest

Thank you my friend.
I have learnt to laugh at myself when the uncanny split second faults appear as my finger presses the camera's trigger.
I line up an eagle and when I look with great anticipation at the shot, there's no eagle, only an empty branch, as the eagle took off hahaha.

Btw. Where can I say who won the contest?

Btw. Where can I say who won the contest?

You can follow @pifc. The results are going to be published tomorrow.

Thank you Sir and I have just done the "follow"

Thanks... I've just checked your profile and followed you back. 😎

How wonderful @papilloncharity. I am happy just to see him hanging upside down sunning his belly.

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Thank you my friend.
I will have a look into @picf

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A great thank you!
I will have a look.

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