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Greetings dear friends lovers of art ..!

It's a pleasure for me to show you my first drawing of a wolf, and my first entry to the contest "ANIMAL ART" by @nTOPAZ I had never done this technique, and take this opportunity because I wanted to try it for a long time.

This technique is somewhat similar to that of the hair but small strokes or lines are used. To be the first time I draw something like this I love how it looks, and I feel satisfied with the result.

The drawing was made in opaline, with pencils, B2 and 4B, Also use a mouldable eraser and eraser.

Without more anything to say, here I leave the process I hope you like it:


I draw the silhouettes of the wolf with the pencil B2, also I add small lines around, these would be a guide to know where the force will be exercised in the strokes.


I start to draw from top to bottom, this is so as not to irrigate with the arm the granite that leaves the pencil. (With the B2 pencil I realize the light zones and with the 4B I realize the darkest parts).


I'm making small strokes with the pencil on what would be the wolf's forehead.


With the diffuser I shadow the areas where I do not make the small lines.


I continue with the small stripes around the body. My intention is to make the lines darker and then make them more clear.


I continue with the snout of the wolf, the nose is the most beautiful thing in the drawing, I love how it looks.


It is time to draw the neck of the wolf, at this point you can notice the difference of tones in the drawing that give an incredible effect on the fur.
(As you can see, around the muzzle, I exert a lot of force in the lines, I do not like how it looks so I decide to erase them and start again with that part).


I finish the drawing, making some small details, erasing or blurring some areas, in order to achieve the effect I want.




Copyright @naideth - All rights reserved.

Let me know your opinion about my drawing in the comments, I would really appreciate it .. !!

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for all the support, a big hug to all..!!


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thanks for nice drawing . i love it


I'm very happy that you like my drawing, a big hug @vahidrazavi

nice wolf drawing, nai

is there a reason why you take your pictures diagonally? it isn't a very aesthetic presentation since it seems to undermine the viewer's ability to see the picture fully and properly.


Thank you very much @veryspider I'm glad you liked it .. !!
I started to take the pictures diagonally, I suppose because of the light, I take the pictures through my phone and it does not have much quality so I have to play with the lights and shadows to make it look much better ..

In fact if I take them straight but I always choose the diagonal xD


I dont think lighting matters, diagonal or not. Also, this sounds like lies :(

If you are still sourcing your arts through other people's works, just cite your sources.

Otherwise, persistently taking your photos diagonally looks like you are trying to prevent reverse image searches. But people can 'straighten' up the slanting images and one day in the future, in the age of the internet, someone will come across something and the truth will always come out.


I had not even thought of something like what you just said but, I understand what you say, I just added a straight photograph, and thanks to your recommendation I will now take the pictures straight to avoid misunderstandings :))

When posting content that either is owned by someone else or inspired by someone else’s works, it is proper to list the said source in your post with a link to the original.

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Examples include:

  • Using another artist's original drawing/painting/digital art as a “study” or inspiration without linking the original and giving credit to the original artist.
  • Linking to someone else’s YouTube video with no source.
  • Using someone else’s photos or text without linking to the original source etc.

Please make sure you do so in the future, thank you.

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Thanks for the support @art-venture <3


a quality art, very well elaborated I congratulate you, one of the advantages of this magazine is to support each other with our comments and votes, so our art will have more visualization in the community, your support is important for me and for others, artist friend , in this way our growth will be successful, greetings


I'm still a friend, so I can be aware of your publications, your art is also fantastic, have my support, a big hug @betzaelcorvo

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