Drawing real people in anime style #4

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Greetings dear friends lovers of art ..!

Friends, I am very happy with the final result of this drawing, it is simply spectacular. This is my friend Fransisco, I call him Isco, he is a very special friend, and I have made this drawing especially for him.

He lives in Spain so it is complicated that this drawing comes to his hands, a real shame, but he has liked this drawing so much, that it will frame it, that is a great honor for me that I have little time in this.

I did not intend to publish this drawing, I considered it very personal, that is why I do not have the complete process. At least you can see how I started with the work, I hope you like it:



Final Result


This is the photograph that you use as a reference to make the drawing.


Copyright @naideth - All rights reserved.

Let me know your opinion about my drawing in the comments, I would really appreciate it..!!

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for all the support, a big hug to all..!!



Hola @naideth Bonito dibujo :)

Te recomiendo seleccionar la obra terminada como la primera imagen, así tu post será más vistoso desde la página principal de nTopaz. En caso de algún error, puedes editar el post desde nTopaz y elegir el orden de las imágenes nuevamente.

También veo que has mencionado que usaste una imagen de referencia, para tus próximas entradas podrías compartirla en el carrusel de imágenes de nTopaz. Si la fuente corresponde a alguna web en internet, por favor coloca el link en la descripción para cumplir con nuestras pautas de publicación: 5. Copyright.

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Aún sigo teniendo complicaciones con el tema del orden en la pag de nTOPAZ, intentare editarlo y espero salga bien, Muchas gracias por las recomendaciones :))

I love you, very cute Nay

Thank you @anadelivery a big hug for you

Another anime portrait from a real person's photo! Very nicely done, @naideth :) I think you captured his eyes very well !!! :D Good picture <3

Thank you so much @veryspider <33

When you upload a work on nTOPAZ, we recommend that you don't use the crop feature. If you don't use it, you can see the work not cropped.:hugging:

Hi, @naideth When you upload a work on nTOPAZ, we recommend that you don't use the crop feature. If you don't use it, you can see the work not cropped 🤗

Ok, thank you very much for the recommendation @joeypark

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