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Greetings, friends, art lovers..!!

I am delighted to continue showing my work through nTOPAZ, in this opportunity I want to show my beautiful doll, which has a childish style, similar to those that appear in children's stories, is very colorful, bright, flirty, and Above all, it is very different from what I am used to showing them.

It was very funny for me to draw this beautiful doll, without doubts it is the best drawing that I have made using colored pencils, (it is worth noting that it is not my strong one). Without more anything to say, here I show you the process, I hope you like it..!!


The first step is to draw a silhouette, the first sketch was a mess, it's normal when we start to draw, but after it goes to clean is like this, I helped with the moldable eraser.


Then I trace the lines with a pen of ink and I erase the lines of the pencil with the moldable eraser.


I draw the whole silhouette with the ink pen, and I completely erase all the lines that have remained.


It is time to put color, I decide to start with the skin of the doll, I apply the brown color gently around the contour and then with the skin color, I color the rest.


Then I color my eyes, it's my favorite part here, I use two shades of blue to get a shine effect and black for the rest. For glasses use a gray color, exerting a lot of strength.


Then I start coloring everything that is purple (headband, dress and stockings) For which use 3 shades of purple, additional blue and gray.


I have used the gradient technique to give volume and movement to some parts of the dress, headband and stockings. The shoes are painted with a gray color, leaving some blank spaces to simulate brightness and volume.


Then I continue with his hair, this was the part of the drawing that took me most time, I usually do realistic hair with a 6B pencil but this time I did not want that effect (it would not look very good) and I made it with a black color and some parts with ink pen.


Final Result

And the final touch I give it by adding a turquoise shadow around the wrist, and ready..!!


Thank you very much for visiting my blog, and for all the support..!!


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Beautiful drawing @naideth 😉🎨 ⭐️


The nTopaz Curation Team recognizes your work as being of outstanding quality and an enrichment to our community. We encourage you to use nTopaz again for your artistic creations, and are looking forward to your future posts.

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Wow that's great @melooo182 <33 Thank you very much for the support @nTOPAZ

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk


Thank you so much fot the support @artzone

Hey, well done!


Thank you @arseniclullaby <33

Soooo cute! The colours so striking!


Thank you so much @joelai


My pleasure @naideth!

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Thank you very much for the mention, Grateful @art-venture

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