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Greetings dear friends lovers of art ..!

A few days ago I read a phrase that said it didn't matter how much materials you had, or the quality of them. as long as there is talent and desire to draw the rest does not matter.

Today I bring you a great drawing that ends this week, it takes me a little longer to publish since these types of drawings are much more complicated than normal and require many hours of work.

In this opportunity, draw a girl, she is a friend's girlfriend. She still doesn't know that her boyfriend wants to give her this nice detail for her birthday. I was very happy when Cesar, my friend put his trust in me to make this drawing, it really means a lot to me, more than anything else.

Even knowing that my drawing may be hanging on the wall of the girl's house motivates me to continue working regardless of the few materials I have or the quality of them.

I will continue to work hard and soon I will be able to obtain the materials I want, as I will continue to work so that my work is worthy of your valuable votes. Thanks in advance to everyone who supports me, I appreciate them with all my heart.

Materials: Opal Cardboard, Black and red colors. HB, 2B, 4B and 6B pencils, diffuser, moldable eraser.

My apologies if English is not so good, it is not my language.







Final Result





Copyright @naideth - All rights reserved.

Let me know your opinion about my drawing in the comments, I would really appreciate it..!!

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for all the support, a big hug to all..!!



excellent visual art work, very good use of contrast, light and shadow are very well distributed, realism is highlighted, only a small detail in the symmetry of the eyes, it can be seen that the left eye has more volume than the right , but it is a detail that can be easily corrected for being graphite, I congratulate you I liked this work.

Hola @betzaelcorvo Los ojos son mi parte favorita cuando hago este tipo de dibujos, pero en hay veces que se me complica hacerlos simétricos, hacer un dibujo realista totalmente perfecto es complicado, pero seguiré trabajando, tomaré en cuenta tu acotación, mil gracias por el comentario.

Ella se ve muy hermosa, realmente será un regalo genial :) ser agradecidos siempre abre puertas de bendición, tienes un bonito corafoón y unas manos talentosas <3

P.D. Llegué a steemit hace 2 años, llevó dos años conseguir el micrófono de grabación que tengo ahora; los vídeos los sigo grabando con el tlf pero mi meta es también conseguir una cámara mejor; sigo practicando la edición de audio, sigo componiendo, sigo, sigo... Quizás te lleve solo meses conseguir lo que quieres, quizás años, te frustrarás y no querrás dibujar nunca más, tres días después volverás a dibujar con más ganas que nunca, y así, hasta que un día verás en tus manos eso que tanto anhelas, y claro, después iras por más. Cuídate Naideth! <3

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Que lindo comentario @elisonr13
Tienes mucha razón en lo que dices y ser constante será fundamental, Muchas gracias por tu apoyo, sé que pronto conseguiré esos materiales, una gran abrazo!!

I loved it..!!
how much detail is fantastic

Thank you so much @anablogs

It is a great detail I would like to receive a drawing like that and I will gladly hang it in my room, Beautiful, [email protected]

Im so happy to know that
Thank you so much @dianita

AMAZIIIING @naideth..!
Excellent drawing I loved it

Graan work @naideth is incredible it looks like a photograph and that face is perfect, congratulations, I hope you soon get the materials you want, imagine everything you could improve with them,

Thank you very much @kevintravel
I also expect the same, everything that my post collects will be for that, so your votes are very valuable to me, a big hug.. <33

Wow every time you improve much more, it's an impressive job, I just saw it looked like a photograph, congratulations @naideth

Thank you very much @anadelivery

Beautiful realistic portrait I thought initially that this is a photograph. Very smooth blending of colours and the face skin you managed to make natural. Pencil work is something that you need to have a lot of patient and love what you do. You showed both these features :)

Thank you very much @stef1 I'm glad you liked my drawing. It really is a complicated job and above all it needs a lot of time, but I love what I do and I will continue working for the better, Greetings


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