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RE: ArtVenture Contest : If I were a cartoon character.

in #ntopaz2 years ago (edited)

Terrific watercolor technique. And, your use of light and shadow is great.

However, the resulting character is overbalanced by the size of the head and torso in relation to legs that are painfully thin and too short. Even cartoon characters have to have a balanced look to them or you end up in "uncanny valley" territory. The viewer kind of fixates on the "wrongness" of the character/shape. Visually, the head and torso should be roughly the same proportions – i.e., the lengths of the legs should be about the same as the combined length of the head and torso.

I used to have the converse problem in adapting fashion illustration technique to realistic proportional anatomical drawing, as demonstrated in this pen and ink fashion design of mine.

FashionIllus Pen&Ink-1.jpg


Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, you're right, and transpose or transform proportions is sometimes a very difficult thing.

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