📷 Closeup of a Red and White Rose 🌸 my entry #2

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This other was also taken while walking on Belén neighbourhood, this one was in a huge planter in the entry of a building nearby my home, it captured my attention because unlike all other roses that were red this one had white in it's inner part and reminded me that fictional Tudor Rose from the movie Anonymous .

I like taking photos of flowers that I spot while walking around the city, always when they strike me as gorgeous samples and have the time to stop a little bit to take the picture, so expect another one like this for my remaining entry.

Technical Info:
Taken with Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime
Red and White Rose Flower
Medellin, Colombia

Full Res Photo

Click to see in full size

Creative Commons - @melooo182

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The Red Rose always tempting us to not avoid it. Keep your creative works @melooo182.

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Thank you @anggreklestari! 😁😁😁

its really beautiful to see that very nice

Thank you @cityslicker! 😁

Hermosa foto, me encanta ese rojo en la rosa. ;)

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