Glen Ronald || The Chaos Whisperer

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For @nTOPAZ Talent Curation contest, I would like to show you some amazing artworks from my long time favourite artist whom I hold high admiration for, Glen Ronald, also known as The Chaos Whisperer.

Without a doubt, the name suits him perfectly, as he evidently whispers works of magnificence out of his oeuvre of ink washes, paints and graphite. He starts all of his illustrations with a base of "chaos" that are splashes of inks, paint or mindless scribbling and starts working details and ideas into them afterwards. Glen mainly focuses on images of inspirational figures and creatures of nature.

I cannot begin to describe how mesmerising it is to see the phases of the process of each work, Glen's ink work is 'black magic' on a whole new level. Every piece is an exploration and discovery of techniques. To me, he truly is a master at his work.

Glen Ronald's links:


Wow, amazing artist, i loved his philosophy and way of working:) Thank you very much for sharing it with us and good luck with the contest. It is very well presented curation post:)

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Thank you! I'm wondering if I'm able to submit more curations into the contest. There are so many artists I have long been inspired by and I never thought curating would be so much fun :)

You are very welcome 😊 For the contest you can submit 2 more entries. But you can also start posting at the CR section your own amazing artworks 😊

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For your description and the works of Glen Ronald that you have put in your publication I have seen that he is an artist with an incredible style which I love, I want to see more of his art.

Thank you very much for introducing us to this great artist. ;)

You're most welcome :) I am not much of a writer, I'm so happy I was able to draw you to his work. Glen has been one of my foremost inspiration in my exploration of art. He definitely has a unique style, to say the least.

WOW!!! Congratulations @melissamyra, you are the winner of the first place and you deserve it since you have done a great job exposing the art of that incredible artist named Glen Ronald. <3 <3 <3


Oh my gosh I’m so surprised!! Thank you!!!!

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Do not be surprised, you did a great job!!!.. I really liked the style of the artist you chose, but yours is great too. I hope to see her in ntopaz to see her work. :)

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Your work is wounderful!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!

El maestro The Chaos Whisperer hace realmente magia con el caos, el proceso del búho lo demuestra, realmente tiene buena imaginación y creatividad, es todo un artista con la tinta. El hombre con el cigarrillo parece hecho todo del humo.