Working On A New Piece - Pencil Portrait Drawing

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Today I want to show you my current drawing I have been working on for a couple of days now using graphite pencils and mechanical pencil my medium.

The pencils are mechanic pencil, 4B pencil, 8B pencil and 12B pencils.

I know my engagement here has dropped and haven't posting any art work for some days now coupled with the HF21 issues, but I'm working a lot on my artworks and am trying as much as I could to show up.

  • Below is my development process

Step 1

I skeched out my model with the help of grid lines using mechanical pencil. I took time to observe the work carefully before I proceeded to the main work

Step 2

I worked from the left side of the work to the right side by adding tones and values.


Here, I first shaded it with mechanical pencil, blended it and overlayed it with 4B pencil. Thereafter, I used 8B pencil to make it a little bit darker.

I used this process for other areas that have the same texture and tone.

Step 3

The above process was used here. However, for the eyes and eyelashes, I applied 12B to make it look very dark.


The introduction of eyes, nose and mouth made the work appear real.

That's all for now...

Thank you for stopping by.


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Excellent work I congratulate you my friend, I am in the magazine @ art-venture, it would be great to support each other, so we have more vision on the steemit platform.

Yeah, I congratulate you for that too. Nice to see you stop by.

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o its great! I like this drawing Xx

Thank you friend.

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😊 you are welcome

Your post has been featured on @artzone

Courtesy of @nmalove

Thanks a lot.

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Someone you know personally? What of making an artwork of what’s happening in South Africa with regards to the xenophobic attacks.

Yeah, it's a commission work.

I dont wanna talk about it because I don't know much about it. Perhaps I would real more about it in order to get insight.

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