Man On Suit: Model - Pele Of Brazil

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Some say drawing with pen is difficult but I say drawing with pen is a test of patience and carefulness.


When you draw with, you calm down and work on it to avoid mistakes. You don't care about how long it will take you to complete it. Your focus in on the desired goal.

In this drawing, I first sketched out my model. Then worked on his hair.

Thereafter, I focused in the crust of the matter which is the face. I used cross hatching here.

Finally I worked on his suit and shirt.

Thank you for stopping by.


This artwork looks incredible! I am one of the people who find using pens difficult too. The zigzag lines for shadows look great and not overwhelming the way I end up doing when I try lol :D

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Thank you. I think you should give a try once more. Just draw however you feel not necessarily what it should be - express yourself!

Thank you for stopping by.

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Excelente obra de arte el cual plazmas con la tecnica del bolígrafo esa gran pintura bien definida. La luces y sombras tambien y la expresion facial. Buen trabajo te felicito amigo.

Thank you for appreciating my piece. Those light and shadow effects when gotten correctly bring out the beauty of a work.

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Waoooo! unos de mis jugadores favorito, el mejor futbolista de todos los tiempo.Me encanta tu técnica que utilizas con el bolígrafo y el amor que le dedicas para realizarlo. Te felicito. Saludos.

The best footballer of all time? Well some might argue about that.
Thank you for appreciating my piece.

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Yes, I still think that it is difficult even heheh, but I also think that it is as you say, dedicating time to it little by little, going fast brings tiredness and things are not good.

As an example would be what I do, before when it was traditional it took many hours to draw something and it happened to me several times to draw a drawing twice because an error occurred. But now it took longer because I'm getting used to the digital and redraw with the fear that everything can be lost, hmmmm lol, then I slow down.

Beyond all the traditional I think it is as more valuable, because you do not have the possibilities with the digital and still you can get good pieces like this.
I admire what you do.

That's just it. When you enjoy it, you don't get tired of it!
Am pretty sure with time you will get used to drawing with digital. Those fear will get vanish.

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Thanks love, I hope so. XD

Excelente obra de arte. Donde plazma con tu tecnica de boligrafico


World's greatest footballer

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Arguably world greatest! But don't forget Messi and CR7.

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Lol, they can't compete

Really? What's so exceptional about Pele compared to others?

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He has World Cup, the 2 you mentioned don’t have

Haha, I gat ya point.

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Oh, I am truly envious of anyone who has this skill. Your lines flow and each stroke is done with purpose.

Wonderful work!


You are right. Each stroke has a destination, a meaning and a message as it passes through.

Thank you gor dropping by

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