Daily Drawing Challenge: Day 2 - Still Life Drawing

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In light of improving my drawing skills and creativity, I came up with an idea of drawing and making sketches every day.

This is the second day of my challenge and I have already noticed a little improvement. This time around I devoted more time on the drawing unlike the previous one.


Today's work is a still life drawing and a composite. It is a combination of a different kitchen utensils which juxtaposed close to each other - bowl, food flask, cup, spoon and pot

Progress shots:

Step 1:

Outline sketching.

At this stage I also made adjustment where I found is improper. At this stage, the work looks shallow and difficult to comprehend the sketching.

Step 2:

Building my forms.

I first applied tones on the bowl which is on the left side before gradually moving to the other ones. I used horizontal and vertical lines to build my forms

Step 3:

The final stage.

I worked on the background and the base of the work. I made my background to be darker than the base.

Thank you.

In case you missef my previous post, kindly check it out https://steemit.com/art/@maxwellmarcusart/daily-drawing-challenge-christ-on-the-cross


good sketch my friend, these practices are effective to improve the textures, keep practicing and you will see that you reach a very high level. Greetings.

I hope to reach so. Thanks for the encouragement.

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Nice work! Great detail.

Yeah, I spent more time to work on it especially the background unlike the previous one.

Thank you for stopping by.

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Wow thank you!

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Great drawing, I really like the style (like the past ones you post). Good luck with your challenge, you are doing great!

Thank you for wishing me well. Would be nice to you back to the challenge.

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Still trying everyday 😉

That's is good to hear friend

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