The masquerade is over.

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The idea of this drawing came to me during a visit to the masquerade ball at the end of may, but only today I found free time for it. I posted a separate post about this event. It was a beautiful and mysterious sight with many characters in historical costumes and masquerade masks. But the holiday is always over and it's time to remove the masks.

My knowledge of anatomical drawing is not enough and that is why I needed a model of arm placement. I tried to take a lot of photos to get a sample of hands for my model, but it was all unsuccessful. Then I began to look for a photo with a similar composition of hands, and in this case I was luckier. This photo I borrowed from the free access to the Internet.

For work I used watercolor paper (A3, 200 gr.) and artistic sauce.

You can see several photos in the process of drawing. Initially, I outlined the colonnade in the background and proceeded to the most difficult part for me - hands.

Art sauce is also good because despite the fact that it is a water-soluble material, it can be easily adjusted after drying with an eraser. It's good for me because I make a lot of mistakes that need fixing.

So, step by step, I got the final result.

Thank you if You took the time to look :)

DSC03941 (2).JPG


Nice painting @madlenfox!!!

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Beautifully done, like the composition,t he person behind the mask is always mysterious and you produced such beautiful character and amazing mask :)

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Thank you for your kind words and support, @stef1 :)

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Я тоже хочу таких :-) Сбрось пожалуйста на них ссылочку !

Набери в поисковике " гифки смайлы ( задай любую тематику- котики, приветы, можно любые эмоции , ну и всё что захочешь )" там выбирай любую из тысяч :)гифки%20смайлы%20гладить%20котика&stype=image&lr=2&source=wiz


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Thanks for the encouragement :)

@madlenfox sorry for the late reply as I was away in hospital for a while.
You seem to be becoming more perfect with these paintings my friend.

Oh, that's so sad to know, @papilloncharity, You should be more careful in physical activity and stable emotional background. Take care of Your health. I'm so used to Your interesting posts and photos :) is it Possible that you need the help of a specialist? but in any case, I wish You not to have serious consequences in the future.

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Вырвался скрытый талант! Аж мне захотелось что-то нарисовать))) Очень-очень классно!

Спасибо, моя дорогая! У нас сегодня аномальная жара. ( +31) Поеду по городу погулять, проветрюсь и отдохну от компа и красок :) Фоток наделаю на неделю :). Обнимашки !

Ждем твоих замечательных фоток))))

Это просто здорово! Ты большая молодец, Мариночка!


Wow, absolutely amazing water color painting.
I really like this picture. thanks for share with us..

Thank you for your kind words, @tussar11 :)

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