PENCIL DRAWING CONTEST (Traditional and Digital Art)

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Hello Artists!

Today I would love to announce a contest sponsored by @nTopaz. The theme is Pencil Drawing.

Why Pencil Drawing?

Drawing is one of the basic skills in the creation of art. Artists draw with pencil when they want to sketch an object or their idea, prepare for a painting (under color layer), or add more details and skill to make their drawing a complete artwork. We all know the importance of drawing in art.

“Drawing is the masculine side of art, colour the feminine side … The union of drawing and colour is necessary to beget painting just as is the union of man and woman to beget mankind, but drawing must maintain its preponderance over colour. Otherwise painting speeds to its ruin: it will fall through colour just as mankind fell through Eve” - Charles Blanc - Art critic

Art contest is a great opportunity for artists to share and learn from each other. We can explore the different concepts and methods from other artists and see how we can introduce some of those notions into our own art works.

Submission period

3:00 on 14 January 2019 to 3:00 21 January 2019 (all times UTC)


  • You can draw by pencil or by digital pencil brush.
    (graphite/charcoal/sepia/chalk pencil, stick of that material can be flexible)
  • Up to 3 artworks per person.
  • Must be uploaded on this Contest page
    (Please refer to link on how to participate in a contest)
  • Copyright: responsible for any claims and arising issue from copyright violations.

Contest Rewards

1st Prize for 1 winner: 1,000 TOPAZ tokens
2nd Prize for 3 winners: 700 TOPAZ tokens each
3rd Prize for 6 winners : 500 TOPAZ tokens each

The artworks submitted will be curated and selected by nTopaz curator.

Contest Voting Standards

Voting Criteria: 30% of the total nTopaz voting power expendable for the day will support for contest entries with upvotes, this is limited to the top 10 according to Daily respect scores.
(However, abuse, plagiarism, and low quality artworks will be excluded.)

Some example drawings

Here are some drawings from some great art masters to provide you with some inspiration.
1 Leonardo da Vinci.png
Leonardo da Vinci 's drawings

2 Michelangelo.png
Michelangelo 's drawings

3 Albrecht Dürer.png
Albrecht Dürer 's drawings

Thank you for reading about this contest. I hope you take the opportunity to share your art work with everyone here on the Steem blockchain and nTopaz. I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful drawings.



really awesome, thanks for sharing!

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This is exciting. I'm going to enter. I didn't even know there were ntopaz coins, that is cool. Does this mean when I use ntopaz for my art posts I am earning said coins? interesting.

I always do pencil sketches for all my artwork so this will be fun.

Thank you @donnadavisart for taking time to read about the contest and wanting to post entries. I am looking forward to seeing your artworks.

nTopaz uses their coins as a way to reward their community as well as giving upvotes.

Hopefully the nTopaz coins will have its own value once SMTs are released on the Steem blockchain and the coins can be freely traded.

Hi @livvu! I want to clarify about the materials for drawing. Is it supposed to be just a graphite pencil? I can't use coal, sepia or chalk?

Thank you @veta-less for taking an interest in this contest and for your nice question.

You can use a graphite pencil, or other materials like, charcoal, sepia or chalk if it's a stick/pencil of that material.

I hope that helps and I look forward to seeing your posts.

Thank you very much for the answer @livvu!
I am glad that I can use different materials for graphics.:) I will be happy to participate in this contest)

It's my pleasure! Thank you for your contribution @veta-less

Looks like a very interesting contest @livvu, i am looking forward to see the entries:)

Thank you @georgeboya I hope you join this contest!

You are very welcome @livvu but i am not good at drawing. I will enjoy the entries this time:)

I know you always support other artists. Thank you @georgeboya

On what blockchain are the Topaz tokens built?

On Steem blockchain @leoplaw

Dear liv! I think it's a great contest, I'm glad you've been the first to do it and it's a great theme.
I will do my best to participate in it!

Thank you very much @yanes94 I'm looking forward to seeing your drawing !

Thanks to you, dear @livvu. I almost have something ready for the contest, I'm working on it. ;)

wonderful art contest, what good news, I congratulate you for the motivation, up art in steemit and topaz.

Thank you very much @betzaelcorvo I'm looking forward to seeing your beautiful artworks on nTopaz !

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Hello @livvu, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Thank you @creativecrypto It's an honor for me

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