Journal of Experimental Botany | Epidendrum Pepero

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Journal of Experimental Botany

Mix Media on A3 Paper, 2015

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Epidendrum peperomia, is a species of orchid in the genus Epidendrum.

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This series of yours is really cute and creative. Very funny how you turn these plants into animated characters!


Hello @trincowski I am glad you are finding it entertaining.
Thank You for your constant support.

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Thank You @c-squared.

Your strange but creative takes of these plants continue to be amazing and unique and really wonderful, @lady-idra :D This one bears a face that seems as if it has a lot of opinions to share with the world :)


Hello dear @veryspider.:)
this one bears the face of one that kept on moving while making its portrait!
He kept on licking its index and thumb to straighten the curly leaf, I mean he was impossible! lol

How creative you are~ How can you express your feeling of the image into the botany. Impressive work it is! You gave me a good inspiration. Thank you ~~~


Hello @trueimagine, thank you for visiting my blog.
Wishing you a fruitful week, filled of inspiration.

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