Evolution of Lina ♥

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Hello again! Since I have a lot of free time today (I skipped class, I'm sorry), I figured I should show you the Lina drawing I was referring to in my previous post.


I did this around September last year aaaand the proportions are off and all that but I like how the colors turned out on this one :> Yeah, I really like Lina. In faaact, I have another drawing of her some years ago.

I wanted to add some features to her costume and I remembered that one skin from Vengeful spirit that was incredible. The one with feathers and glowy. Soooo, feathers it was :>

2017 Lina:


If I remember it right, this was when I first used my Figma :> This took me DAYS to finish because I focused on the tiniest details which I learned wasn't really necessary.

There's a trick in Photoshop wherein you can preview zoomed out version of your drawing while you work on the tiny details. I find this really useful because it makes it easier to spot what was wrong and which details weren't necessary or seen from afar.

You can do this at: Windows > New Window (Most likely the bottom most button) Then: Window again > Tile

Now we have, 2015 Lina, 2017 Linas, and 2018 Lina! I wonder what happened in 2016... there's no Lina. Hopefully, there will be a 2019 Lina :> With new costume design and stuff! Or some wicked pose that I've never been able to do before.

That's about it! I hope you liked this one as well!

If you wish to have an amazing companion through your drawing journey, feel free to join us @steemartists! It's full of amazing artists, both new and old, who are willing to share their experiences. I learned a lot from them, I hope you will too n_n

We also have a discord channel and we'd be more than glad if you dropped by: https://discord.gg/C9PsHV6

Thank You!

I hope you guys enjoyed this one as well!
Feel free to comment any tips or suggestions. It will be greatly appreciated! If you liked the content, please leave an upvote. For more, please follow @kothy.

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All images were made by @kothy
All rights reserved

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[nTopaz Curator]

Gorgeous artwork @kothy!!!! 💙🎉 💎💎💎

It kinda reminds me Lina Inverse from Slayers 💫

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Thank you, @melooo182! I think Lina from Dota is actually based from the anime. In fact, when I did some Googling, she was literally called Lina Inverse - the Slayer in the first version of Dota!

I like the colors you have used.
It is an old work but very beautiful, I bet you do it much better now!

[nTopaz Curator]

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Fan katalaga nya, supported it ng wanmelyon!


Wanmelyon! Pambibili ko ng Artist 12!

Very cool and sexy drawing, @kothy! Well done!

I'd like to invite you to participate on my Art Curation Initiative #9


Thank you, @trincowski! I love how supportive you are to fellow artists n_n I've just voted but I seem to have encountered some kind of error...


I saw your vote. There's no problem. It's OK. :-)


Great! n_n

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Thank you! ♥

Hellow @kothy 😉 luv the 2017 Lina😉 she's so damn pretty and sexy too.. don't make her look old in 2019😉


Thank you, @cicisaja! I'm glad you liked my style :> 2019 Lina will be badass and even hotter...
I hope


Well... hotter without made her half naked, right 😂😂😂


Of course! I'll make the fires hotter ;)

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