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ntopaz-image-0Hello everyone!

Today is a day to relax and rejuvenate, even though it's super hot outside, but we have air-condition to save the day. It is also very suitable to do some drawing.

I found an old news paper cut-out from many years ago with a photo of a man, staring to thin air. Kinda nice to make a sketch out of it.

I like the concentrations of starting a drawing from pure outline, slowly adding the shades. By noticing the detail of shadows on where to apply, slowly used a darker pencil to add the tone to make the contrast.

As usual, I used my 6B and 8B Faber-Castell pencils to make this sketching. It looks unfinished because I like to leave some imaginations to the readers.





Below are a more detailed step-by-step on how this sketch came alive.







Thank you for reading this post.


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Your photo looks so real! Looks pretty dope as well!


Thank you so much!

I wish we had heat in the street))) Today, minus 21 of Celsius ...


I hope we can give you some!

Really nice sketchy, lailai :D I like how you use the variations of lead hardness ! It creates really good definition and forms <3


Thank you so much for the compliments @veryspider!

very well done @joelai


Tgank you very much!

It can be such a challenge to capture the three dimensional look of a face and especially the eyes. You did an amazing job!


Thank you so much @byn!

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Thank you very much, really appreciated!

Well done again!
Happy Birthday to you as well my dear!!


Thank you so much my dear!

Long nose! Looks like he's smelling some really good food.


Lol! Very good of you to relate both my posts @felipejoys!


I was actually trying hard not to. Originally, I thought of commenting "he must be smelling something fishy!"


That would be even funnier!!

Your drawing looks so incredible! It just shows how artistic you are Thanks for sharing this with us!


Thank you for your kind comments @sgbonus!

I like the way you have treated the eyebrows in your drawing @joelai. Also have you tried a kneaded eraser? ~ Like the name suggests you can knead them into a shape, even a fine pencil like tip and then draw back into your pencil or charcoal drawing with them. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Never try that before, let me go find out more about it later. Thanks for sharing @allyinspirit!