The Joker (2019)

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In my opinion The Joker was best portrayed by the incredibly talented Heath Ledger. This drawing seems almost chaotic with all the scribbles, and every Batman fanatic knows that the Joker is a chaotic character. Chaos is fair, as the Joker stated himself in The Dark Knight.

This portrait was done in gel pen on A3 paper.


I would call it some "dark" style.. but interesting as usual

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Thanks, lol.

Joker is a good and evil, I guess. In batman movie, he decribes as a evil, I think it is not true. He has a another trait, maybe searching for the good. But who knows? He is a imaginary film character. Your work drive me to think again about the Joker. Thank you ~~~

I agree with you. Characters can't be all bad or good.

I really like your drawing, it beautifully represents the melancholic side and the crazy funny side, both hidden in the dark.
I´m actually pretty sure Joaquin Phoenix is doing a great job as well, don´t you think?

Thank you very much. I'll have to see. I've only watched the trailer. Jared Leto was a let down in my opinion. Anyway, thank you for the feedback. :)

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I love biro art like this @jmvanbreda it's like the character is emerging from the page.

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