Eyes Watching, Always (2019)

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Since childhood, life has always felt a bit abstract and surreal to me. I never quite fit in with the other kids. It felt (and sometimes still does) like people looked at me in a negative way, no matter what I say or do.
It has taken a while for me to realize that I was the one with that negative perspective.
The eye in this drawing is symbolic of what people see and what you think they see. This has been a big part of my childhood.

More About The Drawing

I used pen on A3 sized paper without any references. It took me two days to complete. I didn't plan everything and basically just went with what I felt, especially the smaller details.

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Interesting story and amazing drawing. Well done!

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Thank you, axeman.

I love this so much, Jaundre :) The contrast between the line weights around the eye, and the delicate lines that actually made the pupil.... it is beautiful! The design and intricate patterning are also wonderfully done, and I love the process pictures that you include with the post <3

As usual, there is depth to your artwork, and yes, perception can sometimes be a layered mystery in the way the world functions, cant it? We have always to be mindful that not everything is as what meets the eye... A thoughtful message, to be sure <3

Congratulations on the Curie, as well <3


Thanks, Lise. I can always count on you. You are awesome.

Our minds are so powerful and can convince us about things that don't exist. Sometimes we should give people a chance before we form an opinion :) The eye looks right at me. You did it on point! If there would be face where this eye belongs I would say that this face would be a little angry or misunderstood..

It's a great detailed work. And the reflection looks real. Well done!

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely weekend!


Lots of wisdom in this comment. Thank you very much.

I like the concept and thought behind the drawings. I have learnt to live and not care what others think. I love the depth and detail you have put into the eye itself. It almost looks real.


That's a great way to live. I guess I was just born this way. Thank you very much for the comment.

Detailed art. No matter it takes time to work, it can also get rid of negative energy.

We really cannot avoid negative people's thoughts towards us. Sometimes we just need to ignore and keep working good.

Great work @jmvanbreda


Thank you very much!

Amazing artwork, especially the details. Eyes are hard to dray but you've managed to create a very nice one. I've only used A4 paper, I believe it's very different to work on a bigger one, like A3. Congratulations, I'm following you now, there's plenty to learn from you :)


Thank you very much. A3 is a fun size to work on because you have more freedom.


I agree but it's a challenge as well, I have to try it one day :)

Yea.... There are eyes everywhere no matter what we do or say. Many will always conclude on the negative sides while few will think of the positive sides. But no matter what we are not to give in easily. We must stay stronger than they ever think, and when we prove Them wrong plenty times than they think, they only nod their heads in shame.

Great artwork and I love your style. Keep it up

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I absolutely agree with you. And I'm glad you like this drawing. Thank you very much.


I should rather be thanking you for making art be the very places it should be and the motivation in there is great.
This is my way to say you are welcome though

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Congratulations on getting a curie vote. Glad you're making progress about recovering from your previous shortcomings. Jaguar could learn from you. Keep up the good work and good luck on your future posts :D


Thank you very much. I've certainly learnt a lot.

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Wow. Thank you very much.

Nice artwork👍👏

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Thank you.

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

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excellent art, I congratulate you friend, you are very creative, I liked it a lot.


Thank you! I'm glad you like it.

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I love the image. I have always believed that the eyes are the windows of the soul


I'm a firm believer myself.