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ntopaz-image-0Here's a quick digital painting I worked on recently to brush up on my painting skills.
A lone ranger has ventured in to the bad lands to investigate a mysterious structure that has appeared seemingly overnight. A suspected secret government project or something extraterrestrial.

Havne't had much time to post lately but I have heaps of new work i'm looking forward to sharing!


I like this cowboy/sci fi theme in your story.I remember there was an animation i used to like when i was a child with the Lone Ranger in space. It was one of my favourites:) Great colours and there is a lot of motion in the painting, specially at the sky. I am looking forward to see the heaps of your new work:)

I think I remember that animation, I have a lot of nostalgia for the earlier shows that were around back then. Thanks George!

Hello dear Jere, great to see you again! I love this one! and accompanied by that small description makes me imagine a world of things. The combination of science fiction with a normal person who is not used to seeing that, makes it more interesting. A little suspense and intrigue to know what are the secrets that hide in that place. You have placed good elements to tell a story that has a purpose or meaning. That is the intention when doing a ConceptArt and this very attractive !.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and of course we hope to see more of the great Jeremy and his works.

Thank you! I am definitely drawn to concept art so I appreciate your comment, thanks for stopping by and resteeming my work!

You are welcome! it's great! I really enjoy this topic!

The truth is that it is a subject that I am investigating a lot lately. The conceptArt is so important at the moment for the whole film and games industry.
If I ever get to do this kind of art, OMG will be very happy!
I have done several attempts lately I tried with some spots and characters but I was a bit dejected and I left it aside.

Greetings Jere!

Yes concept art is incredibly interesting, fun and changing rapidly! Looking forward to seeing more concept art from you!

Yes, but I can not create concept art like you, I would love it but I still need to learn a lot, your works if I would like to see them more often and inspire me. ;)

Beautifully explaining "the suspected secret government project or something extraterrestrial" by this painting. i really like your painting skills it is excellent.

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Thanks @tussar11 glad you enjoy it

Wow, amazing!!! really love the colours of this scene, also cool setting with the cowboy and the mysterious structure!

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Thanks mate! I appreciate it.

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Love how this painting opens up my storytelling imagination. Really good work!


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Keep up the great work!


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Hermosa pintura, sus colores tan delicado la hacen impresionante. Me ha gustado mucho la historia que trae con ella, esto tiene mucho que ver a la hora que un lector quiera apreciar una obra de arte.


Gracias, creo que la historia realmente ayuda a atraer al espectador a relacionarse con la obra de arte. Gracias por tu comentario

The storytelling is just as awesome as the painting itself. It's short, but probably it's better to let the painting tell ehat it's about and leave the rest to the viewer's thought, right?

I totally agree, there's a fine balance between the two. I think either approach can work well and give the viewer a new perspective and appreciation of the artwork

Great work!

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